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dancing lady in lights

On Theme Parks and Dwell Time

Time is Money in Length of Guest Stays.
yellow hatted workers watch six flags opening ceremony

China’s Attractions Market: A Bubble about to Burst?

On the changing theme market in China and how understanding the demographics, IP and management expertise are still the keys to success.
cocal cola yes girl 1946 by haddon sundblom

The Art of the Visitor Centre

Tracy Kahaner on the ongoing attraction of the corporate visitor centre
ashmolean boat exhibtion

Innovation (and Submersion) at the Ashmolean Museum

Gaming meets Archaeology at The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Twisting and Shouting with Chester Zoo, Heritage GB and The Beatles

A Day in the Life of blooloopLIVErpool attendees as they visit a zoo, play with Bob the Builder and dance to The Beatles.
Tron Ride Shanghai Disneyland

5 Reasons Why Shanghai Disneyland Is Unique

An industry look at the new $5.5 billion park in China.
Ragnarock Museum How to Display an Acid Trip

How to Display an Acid Trip

Denmark’s new ‘Ragnarock’ museum celebrates sex, drugs and rock'n'roll in an iconic setting.
Royal Minted Coin

Coining it – The new Royal Mint Experience

Reaping the rewards at the Royal Mint

Dubai: Fast Track to a Global Attraction Destination

Joseph Joy on the continued growth of a small sleepy fishing village.

Theme Park Design: High Praise from Imagineers

David Younger's new book examines theme park design and is topped and tailed by the thoughts of award winning theme park designers and Disney legends, Tony Baxter and Joe...