Amusement parks: Discovery Channel Show on Theme Park Ride Technology

I am very excited about this, my first blog ever! I finally feel like I have a reason to write one. Our idea to make a film on the latest and coolest amusement park and thrill ride technology recently got commissioned by the Discovery Channel.

We will be producing a one-hour show over the next six months. I hope to stay in touch with this engineering thrill blog, keeping  you up to date with events throughout the many stages of the production process.


The idea for the programme was planted last summer when I gawked and marvelled at the seemingly simple engineering of the "The Slingshot" , which as its name suggests slings brave souls 100 metres into the air at speeds in the region of 160 kilometers per hour.


It’s powered by a unique spring machine that operates by applying over 40 tons of force to extension springs. As I watched the springs tighten, it occurred to me that riders of death defying machines have some serious faith in human engineering.


I’ve always been amazed at what humans have been able to build and what better way to celebrate this than by riding the machines that have been especially designed for fun! We’ve been working hard ever since to get a reason to explore further into the world of engineering thrills and we finally have one. We are going into production! Soon we’ll be filming with the designers and engineers behind some of the newest rides. And well for research purposes we will also have to ride them.



We are looking for amazing engineering feats and cutting edge rides. We have so far compiled a shortlist, but if you or someone you know is working on technology that you think should feature in this program, please send me an e-mail with all the WOW facts and lots of techie details: Please know all correspondence will be treated confidentially.



Also we are starting a search for the best person to direct this show. We are looking for someone with an incredible visual style who has experience filming massive structures as well as trickier stuff in darker spaces.


It would be great if the person was also an impassioned thrill seeker, they don’t necessarily have to have a background in documentaries, maybe they come from film or advertising but would be willing to work within documentary budgets to get gorgeous picture. Any recommendation please send: