Amusement Parks: Not Just a Monorail

Alton Towers' monorail always did what it said on the tin, took you from the hotels to the park entrance. The views are pretty, the ride smooth but it was a pretty functional experience. Not now. For this year the trains have had a makeovera��

I spent a weekend recently at the park, stayed in the Splash Landings Hotel and had a chance to view these rather psychedelic looking vehicles at close hand.

Each car is now themed, wonderfully designed and painted and judging by the reaction of both my own children and those around me, the monorail now generates the kind of excitement normally reserved for the park’s rides. “OOOh look ours is all strawberries”, “ Hang on that one coming towards us is a tropical one!” , “Wow, looks that one is cows”, “How come when you are in you can see out but when you are out you can’t see in?”.

The redesigns were by Sarner Limited, a UK based themed designer and have served to reinvent what was always a short prosaic experience, turning it from part of the journey to the experience into part of the experience itself. A good example of how a touch of theming can work wonders, transforming the ordinary and creating something entirely new.  I did notice however, that the driver of our train was not dressed as a strawberry…

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