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theme parks: a kids eye view

Theme Parks: A Kid’s Eye View

Some of the most important decision-makers at your property have only been walking 1-2 years. They are under 1 metre tall and can be picky eaters. I’m talking about kids 5 and...
Zero Latency Zombie VR game

The New Frontier – Multiplayer Free-Roam VR Gaming at V Play Reality Orlando

Last week I got to leave the real world behind and explore the V Play Reality experience at the newly opened 45, 000 square-foot Main Event in Pointe Orlando. Virtual...
Five trend predictions from IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016

Five Trend Predictions from IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016

The IAAPA Expo one of the pinnacle events in the calendar and one where everyone is vying to make the biggest announcements, showcase the latest technology, release  the...
London Dungeon Pie Shop

Interaction at the Dungeons

A quick visit to explore The Tavern at London Dungeons
snow white and twitter bird

Why Disney should buy Twitter

News this week that Disney is contemplating the acquisition of Twitter. At first glance it may indeed seem an odd pairing; like Mickey Mouse having Darth Vadar round...
the void mixed reality

How Theme Parks Can Leverage VR to Solve Capacity Issues

How The Void and Landmark's L.I.V.E Centers are leveraging VR technology and brands to augment the theme park format.
dancing lady in lights

On Theme Parks and Dwell Time

Time is Money in Length of Guest Stays.
workers watch ceremony six flags haiyan china

China’s Attractions Market: A Bubble about to Burst?

On the changing theme market in China and how understanding the demographics, IP and management expertise are still the keys to success.
cocal cola yes girl 1946 by haddon sundblom

The Art of the Visitor Centre

Tracy Kahaner on the ongoing attraction of the corporate visitor centre
ashmolean boat exhibtion

Innovation (and Submersion) at the Ashmolean Museum

Gaming meets Archaeology at The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.