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ShelterBox Visitor Centre boxes

ShelterBox Disaster Relief Visitor Centre opens in Cornwall, UK

Right now, over 85 million people around the world have been made homeless by natural disaster and conflict. ShelterBox is a charity working to change this. By Keith Thomas, Chief...
Breaking Bad themed bar ABQ London

Cooking Meth in Hackney at ABQ London, the Breaking Bad themed bar

London is full of themed entertainment, quirky bars and unusual visitor experiences competing for business from tourists and locals alike. One unusual new addition to the city's portfolio is ABQ...
Rob Miksza WhiteWater Designer Waterparks

Smaller footprint waterparks at Drayton Manor, the first WhiteWater/BALPPA seminar

 WhiteWater West, in partnership with BALPPA held its first conference focused on smaller footprint waterparks on the 4th May. The venue was the Drayton Manor Hotel. The world’s first indoor waterpark was World...
aerial classoc expo 67

Montreal’s Expo 67 – Its legacy 50 years later

50th anniversary of Expo 67 opening in Montreal. By Joseph Joy (right), Director, Strategic Accounts, Triotech. The world’s fair, Expo 67, ran throughout the summer of 1967 and was an unexpected success. It...
2016 THEA Awards whitewater slideboarding

The TEA Summit – where reality becomes suspended and imagination runs free

It’s often said that Disneyland is a place of wonder where reality becomes suspended and imagination runs free. This week, I didn’t even have to step past the park’s...
#NationalSigningDay valleyfair signing day

#NationalSigningDay, and the Valleyfair Campaign that’s Got People Talking

One of the most important things to do when crafting your job recruiting messaging is to ensure that your park is relating to job applicants today. By Adam Sandy (left) Chief Business...
bai360 british airways brighton

BAi360: A Promenade on a Vertical Pier

I happened to find myself in Brighton recently on a very misty and cloudy day; by 8am I was on the seafront and I could just make out the BAi360...
Five trend predictions from IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016

Five Trend Predictions from IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016

The IAAPA Expo one of the pinnacle events in the calendar and one where everyone is vying to make the biggest announcements, showcase the latest technology, release  the...
London Dungeon Pie Shop

Interaction at the Dungeons

A quick visit to explore The Tavern at London Dungeons
snow white and twitter bird

Why Disney should buy Twitter

News this week that Disney is contemplating the acquisition of Twitter. At first glance it may indeed seem an odd pairing; like Mickey Mouse having Darth Vadar round...