Ernest Yale

Founder, President and CEO of Triotech Ernest Yale has a background as a video game developer. This has served him well as the themed entertainment industry has embraced media-based attractions with a gaming element.

Triotech’s collaboration with the games company Ubisoft has lead to the creation of VR maze concepts based on the IP Raving Rabbids and Assassin’s Creed. Triotech offers a wealth of game content via products such as its best-selling XD Theater and XD Dark Ride. Increasingly, it is also working on larger projects such as Ninjago interactive dark rides for Legoland parks across the world, as well as its new flying theatre product The Flyer.

In September, Triotech announced it was joining forces with French 4D, VR and immersive attractions specialist CL Corp. Together the two companies will target theme parks, museums, zoos, FECs and other attractions with the largest range of media-based experiences in the industry.