Lagotronics Projects

Lagotronics Projects is your professional partner for:

- Interactive Ride Technology
- Game Development
- Lighting (architectonic and decorative)
- Audiovisual
- Showcontrol

At Lagotronics Projects, we dare to go where others haven’t. We pioneer state-of-the-art, customized solutions, investing in technical innovations such as interactive systems, audio, video, and lighting.

The company was founded in 1979 and, at the time, worked with audio and lighting installations in dance schools and discotheques, amongst others. From the beginning we were very active in the development of new audio, video, and lighting products. In doing this we didn’t just push boundaries – we broke through them.

TV industry and special projects
We became active in the television industry in 1985, especially in the areas of decoration lighting, interactive game control, voting systems, and show control. From initial conception to development and manufacture. Our industry knowledge and skill-set also earned us recognition outside the Netherlands, with custom projects coming in from all over the world. Our strength was and still is in knowledge, innovation, customized solutions, and boldness.

Amusement park world
From 1999 onwards we gained more affinity with the amusement park world through increased collaboration on special projects. Products we had already developed proved an excellent fit for theme park attractions. In line with the industry trend of constantly creating new experiences for visitors, Lagotronics Projects created a new, unique interactive system that can be used in virtually all attractions. We continue to develop this system using the latest technologies.

Game development
As of 2012, we have our own game development department at Lagotronics Projects. Our game producers (with over 20 years experience) have developed several new games for major theme park attractions. This is our response to the current demand for interactive video content, a much sought-after element of interactive projects.

Creating unforgettable experiences
Thanks to our extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field of interactive systems, audio, video, and lighting, we are seeing an ever-increasing demand for our services. Our innovative solutions offer visitors unforgettable experiences in amusement parks, museums, and shopping centers, and illuminate structures such as buildings and bridges. By combining our technologies, we are able to create unique, customized experiences for our clients. Our completed projects – large and small, regional and global – speak tremendously to the imagination.


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