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Acamar Films

The creative studio behind the award-winning pre-school animation series, Bing.

Acamar Films

Acamar Films is an independent creative studio headquartered in Camden, London. The studio’s mission is to ‘move and delight’ audiences worldwide. Acamar Films produces, Bing, the international award-winning animated series.


Bing has seen extraordinary success since it launched in the UK in 2014, winning an International Emmy for Best Children’s Programme, the Writer’s Guild Award for best writing in a children’s programme, and a BAFTA nomination for best children’s programme.

Adapted specially for television, from the original books by Ted Dewan, Bing celebrates the joyful, messy reality of pre-school life and finds the big stories in the little moments. Bing is now broadcast in 130 territories worldwide, has 3.7 billion+ lifetime views across its 19 global YouTube channels and continues to ‘move and delight’ Bingsters and their grown-ups through an increasing range of books, magazines, apps, consumer products, digital, live shows and cinema experiences.

Why Bing is Special

​​Bing authentically mirrors a young child’s experience. The programme acknowledges that sometimes things do not go according to plan and it uses the power of story to explore strategies, in a gentle way, for both children and grown-ups who may see similar situations in their own lives.

The stories told with Bing are as relatable as they are timeless. The problems that Bing faces are as relevant to children growing up now as they were to those growing up 10 years ago and who will be 10 years from now. In an increasingly uncertain and complex world, Bing helps children grow their identities, coping mechanisms and emotional resilience. The goal is for children to feel comfort in the lessons they learn from Bing as they navigate their messy and joyful realities.

Recent International Recognition

  • Winner of Property of the Year at the Bologna Licensing Awards for 2019 activity
  • Winner of the PRIX ROYAL Paris Animation Award in 2020 for Best Animation for the episode ‘Nicky’ 
  • The all-in-one app, Bing: Watch, Play, Learn won the Creative Bath Award for ‘Best App’ in 2020
  • Bing nominated for Best Licensed Brand (Entertainment, Character, Toy) and Best Licensed Product (Digital – apps, software, video games) for ‘Bing: Watch Play Learn’ app at the 2021 Licensing International Excellence Awards 
  • Bing is a 2021 Licensing Awards finalist for Best Pre-school Licensed Property (age group 0-5)
Acamar Films Limited
Ground Floor
The Rotunda
42-43 Gloucester Crescent
London NW1 7DL
+44(0)20 3675 7450

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Acamar Films Limited Ground Floor The Rotunda 42-43 Gloucester Crescent London NW1 7DL

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