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Longleat Maze Adrian Fisher

Adrian Fisher Design Ltd.

Adrian Fisher Design is the leading maze design company, creating Mirror Mazes, Landscape Mazes, Panel Mazes, Dark Rides and Magic Mansions.

Adrian Fisher Design is internationally renowned as the world’s leading maze design company, specialising in custom designed visitor attractions such as Mirror Mazes, Landscape Mazes, Panel Mazes, Dark Rides and Magic Mansions.

Our creativity goes beyond mazes to spectacular creations of Public Art…. “Every public place is a social space and must engage people, whether it is used to tell a story, perhaps of its history, or simply as an evocative place of beauty” says Adrian Fisher, Founder and Chairman.

As a maze designer Adrian Fisher is a genius in understanding networks which includes complex 2D or 3D maps for transport from metro, railway, bus to theme parks and general flow of people. He transforms the complicated into simple illustrations with clearly expressed information for visitors of any nationality to understand. Thirty six years since he started, Adrian Fisher and his team continue to delight clients with their unique and beautiful creations spread across the globe. With a great pedigree of quality and exceptionally high standards our accolades include setting seven world records and winning several gold medals.

We believe that each client deserves an iconic and beautiful visitor experience or adventure whether it is a maze attraction or a work of beautiful decorative paving or mosaic. Our interpretation of every client’s vision is unique and creative, though we never lose sight of making the most of the location, staying on budget and delivering on time.

Portman Lodge, Durweston, Dorset, DT11 0QA
+44 1258 458845


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Portman LodgeDurwestonDorset, DT11 0QA

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