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    Advanced Aquarium Technologies (AAT)

    World leaders in aquarium infrastructure services

    For the last twenty years AAT’s focus has been on pioneering the techniques and technologies required to design and build ever more inspiring, enlightening and sustainable aquariums all over the world. During this time AAT has had the opportunity to put its methods and equipment to work in some of the world’s best commercial aquariums and zoological facilities.

    Like Den Blå Planet, for example, Denmark’s brand new $130million dollar (USD) National Aquarium in Copenhagen with an award winning, nature inspired design by architects 3XN that took home the best exhibit award at the 2013 World Architecture Festival.

    Central to AAT’s approach and business model is the belief that an aquarium’s success rests on the knowledge, inventiveness, craftsmanship and components used to create its infrastructure. AAT’s extensive Start-to-Finish capability ensures that the infrastructure is built to deliver the maximum possible value to an aquarium’s portfolio of diverse stakeholders.


    Whether an iconic feature for a major shopping mall development, a signature feature for a luxurious hotel, a research facility in a University, a prestigious display for a corporate headquarters, an uplifting exhibit for a hospital or a nations’ major aquatic attraction.


    Advanced Aquariums specialise in physical aquarium construction, supply and installation of life support systems and equipment, filling the aquarium tanks, ensuring the perfect environment is achieved and then stocking them with animals.


    AAT’s Operate phase includes the steps involved in handing the aquarium over from construction to the aquarium’s owners and operators as well as the services relating to aquarium refurbishment and renovation.


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