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Amega Entertainment

AMEGA Entertainment

AMEGA Entertainment is an engineering company that specialises in motion control systems, arcade gaming machines and VR simulations.

AMEGA Entertainment is an engineering and project design company that specialises in motion technologies and simulation.

We use high-end technology to provide turn-key projects for the visitor attractions industry. Our operations are rooted in dynamic motion technologies and control.

AMEGA is able to develop our own technology when it is required which allows us to be pioneers within the industry for our production technique, product range and solutions.

In the 4,000 square metre AMEGA factory, each phase of the project design and production is finished by our experience technicians and engineers. We are able to create turn-ket products for both standard and custom projects.

We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and we have worked in 40 countries around the world with 160 installations.

AMEGA Entertainment Services

AMEGA Entertainment’s experience team and key solution partners are able to provide custom media content. This includes aerial filming, film production, 360° VR tours, VR movies and more.

Our design solutions include concept creation, project development, attraction design, engineering design and master planning.

During concept design, AMEGA Entertainment provides an outline of the project and the theming concept is defined. The second phase of the design is a detailed view of the project. For example, different themes or zones across the attraction are defined. We provide visualisations to give clients an idea of how their entertainment project will look. Furthermore, we create a financial plan.

The design engineering stage is where we specify the exact rides and other elements within the attraction. We create architectural drawings for a client’s contractors to use.


E-Racing Container

AMEGA Entertainment’s E-Racing Container Simulator is designed by Amega Technology. It includes 4 2DOF VR Rally simulators in one container.

Each container also includes spectator screens, a cafe-bar and a seating area. The AMEGA motionseat simulators work as plug-and-play.

Heliride VR

Heliride VR features a full motion xD cinema and VR simulator that works with real aircraft simulation technology.

This flight simulator gives guests a realistic helicopter experience with a bird’s eye virtual tour. It uses advanced motion technology that includes movie synchronisation software and a 360 degree VR movie.

The VIP passenger cabin has 15 leather seats and has a custom sound system.


AMEGA Entertainment’s Oceanride is an xD submarine themed cinema adventure based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It is designed to give people a real-life view of life under the sea.

The specially designed platform moves in sync to an 8m-4m cinema screen. It features 34 seats on a 6-DOF Servo-Hydraulic Motion Platform. Furthermore, real wind, bubbles, water and air affects within the theatre are synced with the movie.

An experienced team used a 4K real 3D underwater camera to film to footage over 8 months. It is the first 3D theatre ride movie in the world that includes underwater footage from some of the most important diving locations like the North Pole, the Red Sea and Indonesia.

Race Center

Race Center is designed to be applied to many cities in the world, and is similar to the Hard Rock Cafe concept. The Race Center has a restaurant that is themed with tables based on different racing teams.

It also features racing simulators and bowling in two main parts. One part is designed for adults, one for children. This means the whole family can attend and have fun, and then come together for a meal.

VR Center

The VR Center is a pioneering project from AMEGA Entertainment. It allows an entire park to be VR-themed and offers high quality VR experiences.

The Center features many genres, such as thrill, adventure and fun. Attractions include VR rollercoasters, shooting games, alien games and more. The Center can also provide a wide range of simulation-based activities.

E-Sport Arena

AMEGA’s E-Sports arena is designed for Formula 1 racing, but it can also be used for many different game types.

Cinecoaster VR 360⁰

AMEGA Entertainment’s Cinecoaster 360 CR is a multidimensional xD cinema system. It can simulate realistic roller coaster moments thanks to its 300 degrees vertical axis and front/back spinning and rolling axis.

The simulator has a 4 seat cylindrical cabin, VR glasses and other VR movie options.

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