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    Avolites is a globally recognised lighting and video control company. We manufacture dimmers and lighting consoles used in live events and attractions all over the world.

    Avolites is dedicated to producing the very best in lighting and video control solutions. Creative Visual Control is our contribution to moving audiences around the world.

    We were founded in 1978 by Ian Walley as he was working as a touring stage lighting engineer. He found that his AVO test meter was unsuitable for life on the road, so with Clive Stanley and two other engineers, they designed consoles and dimming systems that were properly designed for daily touring.

    Since then, the company has grown. Today, Avolites is focused on a mission to offer one complete visual solution. The boundaries between lighting and video are fusing, meaning that rather than programming each fixture individually, a light can be treated like a pixel in a 3D picture incorporating screens, projectors and LED nodes. The creative possibilities are becoming limitless.

    “Avolites designs and manufactures inspirational functional tools for the entertainment lighting and video markets to the highest quality and best value to deliver our part in creating your visual goals, whilst creating a sustainable organisation.” Paul Wong, Managing Director.


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