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Axia Payments provides innovative payment technologies and solutions, including touchless payment solutions, to the attractions industry.

Axia provides innovative payment technologies and solutions.

Established in 1999, Axia is transforming the way merchants accept electronic payments by guiding businesses through the complex landscape of payment processing. Axia merged with i3 Verticals in 2016 expanding national footprint and product offering. From retail and eCommerce to construction and B2B, Axia services nearly every industry – partnering with more than 10,000 clients across the United States. Axia offers efficient, cost-effective and secure payment solutions to help merchants concentrate on what matters most – growing their business.

By educating, equipping and guiding our clients through the ever-changing landscape and complexities of electronic payments we earn their trust, develop relationships and improve their processing experience. We make their today better than yesterday, which in turn grows our business.

Touchless Solutions

Axia has several touchless solutions to help during COVID-19 and beyond. Touchless payments are not only safer for your staff and customers, they’re faster and more secure. Plus, combining touchless options allows you to run multiple revenue streams and keep your business healthy.

Contactless Payments, through NFC, RFID and mobile wallets, is easy to activate as the technology is already built into most payment terminals.

Axia has a standalone online-ordering plug-in that works with your current website, in-house POS systems and credit card processors. It allows customers to add a menu or product to an existing website and start accepting online orders.

TranSafe is Axia’s proprietary virtual terminal. It allows customers to accept all types of transactions via any commerce channel. It also protects card date from end-to-end, with secure point-to-point encryption and tokenization.

All of these payment technologies use digital protocols like encryption and tokenization to transfer sensitive information safely. In the cloud, the real data is replaced with cypher text that requires an algorithm and key to unlock strings of nonsense symbols that map to the actual data.

And then there are the health benefits. Touch-free is germ-free, which is of utmost importance to your customers during the pandemic.

Touchless payments are simply better for everyone. Consumers expect them, use them, and soon won’t do business without them. Let Axia help you implement the best touchless solutions for your unique business today.

1933 Cliff Drive, Suite 12, Santa Barbara, CA 93109
(877) 875-6114 ext 2601

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1933 Cliff Drive, Suite 12 Santa Barbara, CA 93109

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