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Ballast DIVR Yas Waterworld


Ballast pioneers Aquatic Virtual Reality experiences for waterparks to create an unforgettable and unique experience.

Ballast pioneers incredible Aquatic Virtual Reality experiences for waterparks.

The ultimate vision of Ballast is to create an experience that will forever change its participants and offer a completely new way for them to find their centre of balance. We believe that Aquatic VR may be the most powerful application of virtual reality yet. With the absence of gravity, the mind is readily transported to virtual worlds beyond our own.

Our aim is to immerse guests in worlds that take advantage of sound, tactile sensation, vibration, zero gravity and many other amazing properties of water – to place them at the center of an one-of-a-kind attraction that must be experienced to be believed. We believe that users will feel closer to the animals and the environment they encounter and form a deeper understanding of the real world.

Ballast was founded by a small team of creative technologists in San Francisco, with backgrounds at companies like Avegant, Cisco, Reddit, Vox Media and Discovery Digital Networks in hardware design, large scale VR tracking systems and content creation.

VR Slide

Ballast has developed the First Waterproof VR System. When the motion of one’s body is perfectly synchronized with the virtual movement through amazing worlds, magic happens.

At 393 gms, the VRSlide VR headset is lightweight, comfortable, durable and waterproof. Equipped with wireless charging, over-the-air updates, NFC launch and a pass-through AR camera, it’s also cutting-edge.

Ballast has developed a patent-pending tracking system that relies on two advanced technologies: Machine Learning of accelerometer signatures and Ultrasound Beacons. The position estimates from these are combined to provide an accurate 3D position of the rider, using the latest filtering algorithms. The precision of this technique eliminates motion sickness giving guests a ride of their lives.

At the end of the operation, each headset docks in its charging cabinet and wirelessly sends information from that day’s operations to our secure servers. We deliver high-quality analytic reports about rider capacity, content selection and headset performance, and provide a remote update of software and content.

You can retrofit the VR system to an existing slide and achieve an average annual revenue of $200K.


Ballast has also developed Virtual Reality snorkelling. Turn any pool into an infinite adventure and revenue generator.

Ballast combines the weightlessness of being in the water with the immersion of Virtual Reality, resulting in an unprecedented full-body sensory experience. Our patent-pending technology transforms any pool into a fantastic adventure where anyone can go flying, deep-sea diving or on a spacewalk.

The DIVR system features wireless charging and docking, cloud analytics and access to an ever-growing content library.

There are currently three DIVR adventures: DRIFT DIVE, JOURNEY TO ATLANTIS and SPACE FLIGHT.

29 Forest Ridge, Springfield IL 62712, USA

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29 Forest Ridge, Springfield IL 62712, USA

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