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    BoldMove designs and builds compact and affordable action-based rides with customised theming that is adaptable to seasonal activities and infrastructure.

    BoldMove supports you in ride selection, concept development and implementation, all the way up to a successful launch. We are your trusted partner for your next new ride or repurposing of an existing one, regardless of its size!

    Our design process does not start from a specific model or type of ride as we are not bound by any manufacturing restrictions. We are entirely free to plunge into our creative minds, exploring all possibilities and designing the attraction that perfectly fits your venue and theming, visitor profile and budget.

    During the building process, we are by your side and make sure the most suitable technologies are applied, delivering the best return on your investment.

    BoldMove has three rides already developed: Smash & Reload, Sing & Rise and AR Hunts.

    AR Hunts

    Create an interactive augmented adventure with BoldMove. Maximise your existing space and infrastructure as well as manage crowds and increase your social visibility.

    Our AR Hunts are easy to install and affordable. It is intuitive gameplay via an app on the guest’s device.

    Guests find and scan physical markers and then enter the virtual world via portals. AR markers launch duels and challenges within the game.

    Sing & Rise

    With BoldMove’s Sing & Rise ride, visitors ride in a vehicle shaped as ‘mini stages’ with microphones. The seats are shaped as a stool with a ‘backer’ restraint system.

    Vistors complete a fun and challenging path to glory in six steps. Visitors can sing along with their favourite group and get coached to get better. The gameplay is a proven gameplay that is similar to ‘Guitar Hero’.

    Smash & Reload

    BoldMove’s Smash & Reload thrill dark ride is compact and has a high capacity.

    With its action-based gameplay, visitors will compete in teams for the highest score. It is also highly visible to spectators with large leaderboards outside the game.

    The ride can use trackless or track-based vehicles. Smash & Reload can use Too Mush IP or customised characters and gameplay.



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