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    CAVU Designwerks

    CAVU is here to bring the stuff that dreams are made of to life.

    As an end-to-end ride system developer, CAVU takes theme park attractions to new heights of guest experience. Bring us your project and we’ll show you what is possible.

    CAVU is an aeronautical acronym for Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited.

    In the location based entertainment industry it’s always about the next big thing. The need to drive more unique, mesmerising and complex attractions that wow guests and drive success. With the brightest design and engineering minds in the industry, CAVU delivers a full spectrum of services. Our promise is to create the most novel attractions in the industry.

    Our imagination and engineering talent is unlimited. We are product innovators and integrators who take your attraction to the next level through game changing ideas, exceptional design and engineering, and fully integrated immersive experiences that employ the most advanced media and technologies.

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    CAVU’s sister organisation: DreamCraft Attractions Ltd.

    DreamCraft is pioneering fully immersive experiences using advanced VR and AR technologies. With a strong focus on innovation, DreamCraft combines the hardware systems, software development and storyline adaptations necessary to build believable story universes. As a 2018 Brass Ring Award Winner for Best New Product for it’s hygienic headset, DreamCraft continues to push the envelope and to define the next wave of VR and AR immersive experiences.

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