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Comply: Amusement Safety

Comply: Amusement Safety offers a complete and reliable service for all aspects of leisure industry safety certification.

Comply: Amusement Safety offers a complete and reliable service for all aspects of leisure industry safety certification.

Comply: Amusement Safety offers inspections and certifications for amusement park rides, climbing structures, VR games, indoor and outdoor play areas, ropes courses, water parks, trampolines and more.

It is established that the best way to show that your attraction is safe and fit for continued service is to demonstrate full compliance with an internationally accepted standard specific to the Leisure and Amusement equipment it belongs to.

Specialist skill set for attractions industry

Unlike many industries which have clear parameters through EU directives and government legislation, the attractions industry is quite different with its “one off” designs, person interaction and out of context industrial machinery. Together with the play element of the industry it requires specialist skills and knowledge to ensure that all angles of the business are working properly so that your attraction is working and your guests are happy.

Comply: Amusement Safety is a company designed to help you achieve your objectives and get you on your way to providing a safe and reliable attraction; assisting from the beginning with risk assessments and attraction procurement through the installation, testing and the required securing permits to operate.

Advice on correct standards

COMPLY can advise on the right standard for you and qualify your policies, procedures and equipment to the standard of your choice, published by European Standard (EN), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) plus your local requirements.Certification to one of these standards assures your guests and government enforcement agencies that all appropriate safety steps & measures have been taken.

In today’s transient and global work environment it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to establish their duty of care under the law and thereby ensure that they are compliant on a minute-by-minute basis. Nobody wants to find themselves in a state of non-compliance and so we have designed our company policies, procedures and software on that basis and will so ensure that all of our clients meet the state-of-the-art for their attraction. We promise to deliver the highest quality of inspections in the amusement industry in order to uphold this objective.
We ensure that we have integrity through all of our inspectors and support staff, committed to utmost respect and consideration to our clients and each other.

Working with qualified and competent personnel and using our wide knowledge of safety and engineering protocol, Comply: Amusement Safety will inspect measure and test any amusement ride/device in a manner which is both efficient and thorough.

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