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DreamCraft Attractions

DreamCraft is pioneering fully immersive experiences using advanced VR, AR and projection mapping technologies for LBE, theme parks and attractions.

DreamCraft is pioneering fully immersive experiences using advanced VR, AR and real-time Projection Mapping technology.

With a strong focus on innovation, DreamCraft combines the hardware systems, software development and storyline adaptations necessary to build believable story universes. As a 2018 Brass Ring Award Winner for Best New Product for its hygienic headset and a 2020 Thea Award recipient for The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride, DreamCraft continues to push the envelope and to define the next wave of VR and AR immersive experiences.

We specialize in custom software and hardware solutions for high throughput theme parks, LBE experiences and production houses. We conceive asymmetric interactive adventures and also work with worldwide IP holders to provide solutions for specific technical and creative challenges.

DreamCraftcompany is creating the next generation of multiplayer immersive narrative experiences with live audience participation through:


→  Patented hygienic headsets
→  Custom motion base system designs and simulators
→  Haptics, scent and audio systems integration
→  Force feedback systems


→  Scalable ride system design, architecture and distribution
→  Markerless body tracking
→  Social collaboration and interaction
→  Realtime projection mapping


→  IP concept development and production
→  Rides with licensed / original content
→  VR experts in engaging, immersive storytelling

DreamCraft’s sister organization: CAVU Designwerks

DreamCraft is a sister organization to leading ride system developer CAVU Designwerks. The company’s name is an aeronautical acronym for “Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited”, where they take attractions to new heights of guest experience.

516-185 911 Yates St. Victoria, BC V8V 4Y9
+1 250 940 4670



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