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Batman: Knight Flight at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Dynamic Attractions

Dynamic attractions provides every level of comprehensive attraction development and construction services to the industry.


The possibilities are unlimited in the spectrum of additional elements we can provide to compliment our line of highly sophisticated, world-class ride systems.

Our new Unlimited Attractions division integrates all of the show elements that turn the “ride” into an “attraction.”
Through the coordination and integration of the story concept, lighting, scenery, media, special effects and all other show elements, Dynamic’s services will help create a more impactful guest experience.

These new services build upon Dynamic’s history of partnering with the world’s leading theme parks to help create some of the most famous and beloved attractions of all time.

The Unlimited Attractions division, with its added experience of theme design experts, has its headquarters in Orlando Florida.
Who do the best theme parks turn to when they want the next greatest attraction? When you set out to build the nearly-impossible, who can you trust more because they’ve built the impossible before?

The most successful attractions of the last 2 decades have one thing in common: one company helped bring them to life:

Dynamic Attractions.

Doing the things that nobody else can.

SFX Coaster™ – The world’s most technically advanced rollercoaster-dark ride combination

Flying Theatre – The smoothest, quietest, and highest quality system for flying your guests on a TruFlight™ sensory adventure

Robotic Arm Dark Ride – For telling the stories that no one else can with the greatest magnitude of movement possible

Trackless Ride Vehicle – A nimble story-telling rover that zips forward, sideways, and turns on a dime

Immersive Transporter – Amazing audio-visual effects surround the only ride with True Off-Road Action™

Tailored Design Attractions – If you can dream it, we can build it!

We’ve created the most immersive, sophisticated, and revolutionary rides systems in the world, and there’s more on the way.  Dynamic Attractions designs and builds rides from scratch. Clients are guaranteed unique experiences to suit their specific requirements. With clients including Disney and Universal, Dynamic Attractions is internationally renowned for creating original experiences that everyone ‘must’ ride. From the latest blockbuster movie franchise to leveraging the most popular aspects of the park’s theme, the company often works confidentially, side-by-side with the client to develop one-of-a-kind rides.

The possibilities are unlimited!

Suite 600, 244 Outlook Point Drive, Orlando FL, 32809, United States
1 407-240-3490


  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    “Your team did an outstanding job and the ride is running great” ~ Vernon McGugan – Executive Officer, Operations Division, Universal Studios Japan  We appreciate the compliment for our work on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.
  • SFX Coaster™

    SFX Coaster™

    This storytelling dark ride occurs on a high-speed, catapult launch coaster. It contains new coaster elements that create movement and sensations that have not been possible before. These are synchronized with high definition, immersive sound and visual presentations. It is a combination that is revolutionary to the amusement industry and will have guests returning time […]
  • Dark Rides

    Dark Rides

    Today’s thrill-seekers want to be part of the action. Using advanced technology in filming, projection, sound and multi-D sensory experiences, we turn guests into adventurerers. The syncroncity of movement with the immersive actions that surround them results in unbelievable experiences that seem real.
  • Immersive Transporter

    Immersive Transporter

    The Immersive Transporter surrounds adventurers with gripping special effects. The transporter’s unique, multi-axis base provides True Off-Road Action™, the industry’s highest level of realism. The front-to-front seating configuration provides extended sightlines, ensuring that riders’ senses are fully immersed.


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244 Outlook Point Drive, Orlando, FL 32809, United States

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