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    Eicher Leisure Consultants

    Eicher Leisure Consultants helps leisure companies build their business globally.

    Deborah Eicher is an experienced leisure attraction & entertainment executive with over 20 years’ experience on both the operations and supplier side. Eicher has helped attractions improve guest experience, increase dwell times and in-park spend and improve efficiencies for operators. Eicher has run companies as COO, Managing Director, Board of Director, Global Strategist, and Global Business Development Director across Europe, USA, Middle East, and Asia. Deborah is deeply connected in the theme park & attractions industry with a global clientele of key decision makers across the globe. Eicher has helped suppliers improve their business processes and sales teams to fast track and grow companies globally and to design and achieve specific business strategies.

    Deborah Eicher has a unique combination of skills having worked in retail, finance, accounting, e-commerce, marketing and sales. Eicher has worked with companies to achieve key contracts and win new business across the globe. Eicher has helped companies to successfully sell and merge and to help large projects with their financial and operational models to pass planning permission and achieve funding.

    Eicher has an MBA and ICAE (IAAPA Certified Attraction Executive) and is a current member of the IAAPA Foundation Board of Directors and a past IAAPA Manufacturers & Suppliers Committee. 


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