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ELSS Group

Aquarium & Oceanarium Specialists

ELSS Group (ELSS) are Aquarium & Oceanarium Specialists that provide design, manufacturing, construction, operations, and maintenance services for Public Aquariums, Oceanariums, and Marine Parks. Since its inception in 2005, ELSS has experienced steady growth and expanded its scope of services and products provided. Having completed over 65 Projects across 35 Countries, ELSS has firmly established itself as an industry leader in providing Aquarium Specialist Services.

ELSS was initially founded as ELSS Engineering in the United Kingdom and has since expanded globally with satellite offices in the United States, the Middle East (Bahrain), and Asia (Philippines), strategically placed to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

Services Summary


  • Aquarium Exhibit & Habitat Design
  • Life Support System Design & Engineering
  • Aquatic LSS Automation and Control Systems 
  • Full Design and Tender Packages, including Specifications, Drawings, and Renderings


  • Aquatic LSS Automation and Control Systems 
  • Factory Assembled and Tested LSS Equipment, including Protein Skimmers, Bio Towers, and
  • Skid-Mounted LSS


  • Design, Procurement, Testing, Commissioning, and Training of:
  • Aquatic Life Support Systems 
  • Exhibit Lighting 
  • Exhibit and LSS Reservoir Waterproofing 
  • Theming (Artificial Environments, Rockwork, Corals, Vegetation) 
  • Acrylic Viewing Panel


  • Aquatic Animal Husbandry
  • Sharks, Rays, and Fish Procurement and Introduction
  • Life Support Systems Operations & Servicing 
  • Diver Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Operational Supervision & Remote Support
  • Operational Audits

Key Services

1. Aquarium Exhibit/Habitat & LSS Design Consultancy

ELSS Group is one of the world leaders in Aquarium Design. From the initial concept to construction documentation, we have the experience to deliver spectacular and dynamic Aquarium Habitats. Our engineering team has over 60 years of combined experience designing, building, and operating Aquatic LSS with an engineered, flexible and tailored approach that addresses the requirements of each project. Furthermore, our team has extensive experience managing and delivering aquarium projects globally over the past four decades.

2. Aquatic LSS Automation and Control Systems

ELSS Group’s globally renowned Aquatic LSS Automation and Control Systems is the heartbeat of the vast majority of Public Aquariums and Oceanariums globally that have been constructed during the past 17 years. In addition, ELSS can provide intuitive and engineered solutions, with remote access and geofencing capabilities, from small boutique aquariums to the world’s largest Public Aquariums.

3. LSS Equipment Manufacturing and Skid-Mounted Systems

ELSS Group manufactures specialist in-house designed LSS Equipment. We provide a range of factory assembled and tested filtration equipment from small self-contained LSS Skids (5 to 60 m³/hr) to large industrial Protein Skimmers and Bio Towers (up to 200 m³/hr) that are designed and manufactured to order. In addition, we work with other manufacturers who provide the best solutions specific to the Aquarium industry, including pumps, Sand Filters, UV sterilizers, and Ozone Generators.

4. Aquarium Specialist Works Turnkey Packages

ELSS Group has project managers and technicians that undertake deliver built packages, including LSS, acrylic viewing panel installation, exhibit waterproofing, exhibit lighting, and theming, having delivered projects on six continents. We collaborate with suppliers and artisans to provide full turnkey packages, including design, construction, testing, commissioning, and training. ELSS is a one-stop-shop for aquarium specialist works turnkey packages.

5. Public Aquarium Operations, Maintenance, and Auditing

To round out the complete cycle of services, ELSS operates and maintains Public Aquariums, whether on an ongoing basis, like at the Bahrain Aquarium, or to support our clients after the construction component of the project ends. Our team includes experienced Curators, Aquarists, Divers, and LSS Technicians. Also, ELSS undertakes operational audits of Public Aquariums to reduce energy and water consumption, reduce the use of oxidants and generally improve efficiencies.

Unit 3 Windyhill Retail Park
16 Windyhill Road
N. Ireland
+44 (28) 7776 4444
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Unit 3 Windyhill Retail Park 16 Windyhill Road Limavady N. Ireland
+44 (28) 7776 4444

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