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    Evolv Technology

    Evolv Technology is the leader in human security dedicated to making the world a safer place to live, work, learn and play by creating touchless security screening solutions.

    Evolv Technology started as a small team with a clear mission: return confidence and peace of mind to people visiting public spaces by changing the paradigm of how security professionals can assure venues are safe from the most serious threats without compromising visitor experience.

    We’ve accomplished this by fusing the latest sensors and AI technology to consistently and reliably scan every visitor without the hassle and the gaps presented by century-old metal detector technology.

    In the past three years, we have become the standard for visitor and employee security, having screened more than 50 million people entering public attractions, stadiums, entertainment venues, government facilities, hotels and more.

    Evolv Technology is working with Hersheypark, Six Flags, Georgia Aquarium, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and more.

    Evolv Express

    Evolv Express is the world’s first and only touchless security screening solution that meets all of the post-pandemic security screening requirements. Express is up to ten times faster and far more effective than last generation products such as metal detectors because it uses new sensor technology and artificial intelligence.

    Unlike traditional metal detectors, Evolv Express is powered by the Evolv Cortex AI Software Platform enabling the system to spot weapons while ignoring harmless personal items. It keeps high volume entrances flowing by reliably detecting guns and other weapons as visitors walk through at a natural pace while carrying their phones and bags.

    COVID-19 Safety

    With Evolv Technology, no stopping is required, no emptying of pockets or removing bags; people simply walk right through.  If a threat is detected, real-time image-aided alarms show guards exactly where the potential threat is on a person or in their bag thereby reducing the amount of physical contact with people and their belongings. This also allows venues to implement a “no touch” policy, where guards direct the person to open their own bag and remove certain items for closer inspection.

    And, because Evolv Express is 10X faster than metal detectors, it can reduce your labor costs by up to 70%.

    A thermal sensor and the Evolv TempCheck software can be added to the Evolv Express platform. This will screen each visitor for an elevated skin temperature in 2-3 seconds. While adding this package does reduce your throughput averages to approximately 800-1300 people per dual-lane Express, you are now provided integrated health and weapons screening touchless conop to optimize facility space and resources.


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