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Fotosmile produces on-ride photo and video technologies with customised photo booths and photo studio solutions for visitor attractions.

Fotosmile provides on-ride photography and video technology, themed automatic photo booths and studio photography options.

Founded in 1994, we work with attractions around the world, from Alton Towers, Europa Park, Gardaland Resort, Juventus Museum, Legoland Windsor and more.

Photos and videos are memories of a magical moment in time and help visitors relive an emotion. Every picture makes a unique souvenir for a theme park, museum, zoo, aquarium or other visitor attraction.

Fotosmile photo technology

With nearly 30 years of experience capturing images in the visitor attraction industry, we use cutting-edge proprietary technology. We can identify optimal shooting points and we guarantee tailored solutions.

Our D4 software platform has been designed and developed by Fotosmile to be capable of generating HD images even at high speed and in extreme situations.

This software is able to process images in real time which creates attractive and shareable content for your visitors.

Fotosmile can adapt this platform to many different applications and it can be sized according to the type of location and number of visitors.

This means it can be used for on-ride capture, a photo studio, a water slide and more. We also offer it in an automatic version to optimise resources.

All of out technology is compliant with EU data protection law and we have DPOs to protect the legislation.

Video technology

In 2020, Fotosmile released M3, our third generation on-ride video system. Screens are set up on the ride trains to record the entire experience, even at night.

This Moviesmile system records, edits, shares and sells clips in real time. This means that the guest can download and share their video instantly on their smartphone. By doing this, the guest becomes an Ambassador for your attraction.

This on-ride video technology is also available for ziplines, rail bobsleighs and more.

Our video system has a smart charging programme that requires no daily maintenance, with a full remote control and a battery life of up to 48 hours.

Photo booths

Fotosmile’s themed photo booth cabins are a popular automatic system that guests’ love. They offer additional revenue for the attraction and contain management costs as much as possible.

Our photo booths are handmade in Italy, in either wood or aluminium. We always ensure that we use the highest quality materials.

They are interactive, themed and built ad hoc so we can satisfy the request from each customer.

The photos from the booth can be customised as well, and shared digitally as well as be printed. Visitors can download their photos and share it in real-time, as well as take home a physical copy.

Via Alexander Fleming, 4/A
37036 - San Martino B.A.
Verona (ITALY)
+39 045 994499

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FOTOSMILE ITALIA Via Alexander Fleming, 4/A 37036 - San Martino B.A. Verona (ITALY)
FOTOSMILE CORPORATION 6671 Las Vegas Blvd South Building D Suite 210 Las Vegas, NV 89119
FOTOSMILE UK 40 Basinghall Street 18th Floor City Tower EC2V 5DE London (UK)

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