Welcome to Garmendale

Founded in 1980, Garmendale is a second-generation family run engineering business with a long track record of delivering World Class Engineering Solutions to a wide range of customers. We have earned a reputation for delivering quality, safety and reliability supported by our long history of work in the field.

We specialise in the design, development and delivery of rides and services for the leisure industry; our team are caring, professional and committed to getting the job done right first-time every time and to an exceptional standard.

Multi-disciplinary design and engineering

Our team of designers and engineers work across engineering, hydraulic, electronic and visual “Imagineering” backed by a thorough understanding of what is needed to solve problems and to “make it happen” safely, on time and within budget.

This creativity is supported by many years experience of working to the highest design and manufacturing standards complying with safety regulations across the world markets and all the responsibility that comes with ensuring that the public at large are protected and guaranteed a safe and fun-filled experience.

Design, manufacture, installation and aftercare.

From simple fabrications, to the hugely complex, demanding projects that require a high level of theme park engineering expertise, our hands-on management team is here to help. The level of skill and experience within the business means that any job, whether big or small, will be delivered to our World Class Standard. This quality engineering focus has earned Garmendale a global reputation for delivering its quality products and services on time and within budget to our clients’ total satisfaction.

Having delivered bespoke challenging solutions for a wide range of organisations across the world including Merlin, Ferrari World and Lego Land to name a few, Garmendale are well placed to provide a full range of services that will ensure your project is delivered on time within budget and is inherently safe.

Theme Park Ride Systems

Ride systems have long been part of our portfolio of products and services. From Shotgun Gates to Immersive Tunnels, dark rides, tractors, trains and aerial roundabouts. If you have a park or attraction, we probably have a product to suit you.

Ride Refurbishment

Never the most glamorous of areas of work, but always one of our favourites. We repair, refurbish and upgrade rides across the world to make them safer, run smoother or to extend their life for many years to come.



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Chessington Rocky Mountain to Scorpion Express Gates and full refurb 1

Theme Park Ride Refurbishment

Theme Park Ride Refurbishment is one of those areas of work that attracts little attention but it is critical to the long-term good health of any ride and therefore the...
Electric boats for attractions and theme parks by Garmendale

Electric Boats for Theme Parks and Attractions

The Electric Boats range by Garmendale are a simple and popular addition to any open water within a park, attraction or location. Designed specifically for the attractions and theme park...
Garmendale electric cars are designed with throttle, braking and steering

Electric Cars for Theme Parks and Attractions

The Electric Cars by Garmendale are a hard-working and reliable addition for any attraction. They are battery powered and designed to run for a full seven-hour shift between charges...
The QuadStar Vroomster ride at Altow Towers

The QuadStar Aerial Roundabout System with lap bars for all passengers

The QuadStar aerial roundabout ride system operates with ten vehicles. Each car allows four people to explore together. From the outset, it was designed to be perfectly family friendly. The...
Load area showing completed Garmendale ride car running on test at Santa Park

The QuadTrack Tracked Dark Ride System

The QuadTrack is a Tracked Dark Ride system that has been designed to offer a great value, lightweight and strong solution for tracked dark ride applications. It’s driven by a...