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Green 4 Solutions

Green 4 provide CRM, admissions, F&B, retail, membership and marketing solutions to the leisure industry.
• Enhance the visitor experience
• Improve engagement
• Increase revenues

Green 4 Solutions provides CRM, admissions, food and beverage, retail, membership and marketing solutions to the leisure industry.

Established in 2006, Green 4 works with visitor attractions, FECs, cultural attractions and museums, and zoos and aquariums. Green 4 helps businesses in the leisure industry understand its customers, allowing them to grow loyalty and maximise revenues.Green 4 customer centric infographic

Our CRM driven solutions and services provide the platform to understand your customers and their behaviours through easy data analysis and insight tools.

We offer an end-to-end solution all on one single platform. It’s all tied together with transactional capabilities to sell tickets, merchandise, corporate facilities and food and drinks, which gives the business infinitely more ability to capture data.

Now data capture is effective and instant, a venue can really understand their customer, communicate effectively and maximise their full lifetime commercial value. And that’s what Green 4 is all about.

Go by Green 4

Go is the solution to transforming your approach to CRM and ticketing. It gives you complete control of your venue.

Green 4 have built Go modules to manage multi-channel transactions, maximise the capacity of your venue and streamline your customer journey. Go’s modules provide the tools to analyse your customers’ behaviours and create meaningful profiles in CRM.

Go is most effective with all its components working together as a single platform solution. We do however understand this is not always possible and Green 4 has a huge amount of experience integrating Go with other systems.

Green 4 Go booking journey on phones

Go modules include CRM, data warehousing. single identity server and loyalty schemes. Go also enables e-commerce, ticket validation, POS systems, membership, retail and more.

Go’s single platform approach makes reporting and data analysis a dream. Set up a dashboard of KPI’s that can be viewed by senior management on any device.

Measure daily visitors and revenues at the click of a mouse and build targeted audiences based on all of the data gathered around your guest and their visit.

Go encourages you to think long term, not churn. Every new booking is treated as a relationship opportunity to be nurtured through sensitive and personalised communication.

Data marketing and insight services

Our specialist team of Go+ data marketing & insight consultants are on-hand to help our clients maximise the potential from both the technology and the data.

The team’s breadth of expertise goes beyond the traditional CRM and data marketing agency and our people understand the common challenges faced at leisure organisations. Working as an extension to your marketing function our focus is on developing actionable insight-led strategies which deliver results and ultimately a return on investment.

All activities are coordinated by a dedicated account manager who can call upon the supporting skills of CRM strategists & consultants, data analysts, email marketing experts and graphic designers.

Green 4 works with the Eden Project, Drayton Manor Park, Hollywood Bowl Group, Twycross Zoo and more.

16-17 Midland Court, Central Park, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 4PN, UK.
+44 (0) 845 508 8149


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16-17 Midland Court, Central Park, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 4PN, UK.

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