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Guru Experience Co.

Working with the cultural sector to create indelible digital experiences with agile and engaging mobile apps.

We help cultural institutions and attractions create, evolve, and refine their digital visitor experience.

Guru offers a scalable grow-as-you-go mobile app platform for all your digital engagement needs. Does your team need a simple app CMS for managing your home-grown audio tours? Guru can help. Does your team need a robust app CMS with data reporting, ticketing, queueing, virtual tours, AR and wayfinding? We can help with that too.

Our digital engagement solutions include CMS, data reporting, ticketing, queueing, virtual tours, AR, wayfinding. And don’t worry – we do not set up and run, leaving you high and dry with a static experience. We work in true partnership to help you analyze your data, evolve your experience, and consult on best practices and trends in visitor experience.

Digital experience for cultural attractions

Our platform is agile and customizable so our clients can create apps for experiences as unique as they are: be they a museum, zoo, aquarium, garden, park, historic site, or tourist attraction.

We recognize technology is not a magic bullet; it is a tool. Used correctly, it can give a greater level of learning and limitless capacity for content, sharing, and giving. With a ‘story-first’ approach the narrative and mission of the content informs which tech to use.

Future-proof technology

We are continually innovating and finding new opportunities to evolve. Through fine-tuning our processes, building new integrations, or offering new content mediums, we push the boundaries of what a museum mobile app can be. We consider what is effective today and what will be relevant in future.

We also go beyond the tech and storytelling to discover your untapped revenue sources, boost revenue streams and optimize expenses. We can help personalize relationships with your visitors, highlight conservation efforts, or even conduct surveys or A/B testing. Guru is an investment, not an expense.

4231 Balboa Ave #677
San Diego CA 92117
United States
+1 619 630 0267


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4231 Balboa Ave #677 San Diego CA 92117
+1 619 630 0267

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