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South Side Play Area Heaton Park

Heaton Park

Bringing a new family attraction and activities to Heaton Park.

Heaton Park is a destination park and the heart of Manchester, whose spirit is evoked through stories of music, sport and escape from the city.

Celebration, adventure and relaxation at Heaton Park unite many generations of visitors that have enjoyed the Park as a private and then public space.

At 640 acres it is one of the largest municipal parks in Europe and is already one of the most popular sites in Manchester, with circa 1.8 million visits per year. With the exception of 2013, the Park has been proudly flying the Green Flag award since 2002. This is thanks to their devoted volunteers and staff, who work all year round to keep the Park looking beautiful.

South Side play Area Bridge Heaton park

The size of the Park and the nature of the landscape mean individuals or groups can choose from a variety of high-quality leisure activities or escape into Manchester’s countryside in the city. From the animal centre, adventure play, High Ropes and nets course, beekeepers, the boating lake, cafés and culture, to the garden centre, golf, picnics, Parklife, funfairs, trams and theatre, there will be something to suit everyone. 

The provision of top-quality activities and services in Heaton Park is vital to the improvement and development of the Park’s visitor facilities, adding to the visitor experience and helping to turn a good visit into a great one. Heaton Park attracts a large number and wide range of visitors from across the north west region and beyond; the park wants to introduce a vibrant, modern approach that reflects this diversity and works hard to fulfil the needs of all our visitors. 

North Side Play Area Heaton park

The park are looking to add an indoor family attraction and activities to keep families and visitors engaged, excited and desperate to return. The team wants to introduce a brand new family attraction that is bespoke and unique and becomes a visitors destination all by itself. 

The park is excited for partners to come and propose how an indoor family attraction can fit into our outdoor woodland adventure theme within Heaton Park, bringing the forest indoors, creating an indoor splash stream or a unique adventure play. The park is keen to work with you and are open to ideas you have for this special place. This family attraction will engage families and capture the imagination of all that attend.

Click here for more information and to submit your proposal. This is an early market engagement exercise prior to the formal tender process.

Middleton Road, Manchester M25 2GT, United Kingdom

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Middleton Road, Manchester M25 2GT


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