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    The worldwide market leader in compact multiplayer VR systems, HOLOGATE has the fastest growing installation base in the history of VR.

    Founded in 2017, HOLOGATE has over 300 locations worldwide. It reaches over 5 million players each year, making them the largest network of virtual reality multiplayer systems. Their high-end turnkey systems are easy to operate, perfectly integrating with family entertainment centres, cinemas and more, allowing everyone the chance to upgrade to the latest immersive technology.

    With their award-winning VR technology, HOLOGATE will transport you to new worlds, fighting zombies, robots, dragons, or even each other. You become not only a controller, but also an active player in the game. The multi-player games are easy to learn, but are difficult to master, and allow team games or more competitive matches against friends. The compact design allows the system to be installed just about anywhere, and their wide game library allows people of all ages to join in the fun.


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