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Jack Horner in the field

Horner Science Group

Horner Science Group aims to inspire interest, understanding and passion for dinosaurs through its brand Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs.

Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs is the inspiring brand launched through our company, Horner Science Group LLC (HSG) in 2016. With our combined science, business, and creative skills, we work closely with investors and partners to spark interest, understanding, and passion for dinosaurs and science in ‘children’ of all ages and background from around the world.

Horner Science Group’s vision is to inspire interest, understanding, and real passion for dinosaurs, paleontology, and all science through personal discovery. Our mission is to galvanize adventurers of all ages to explore the vibrant and astonishing world of dinosaurs through Jack Horner’s revolutionary scientific discoveries and theories.

Jack Horner discovered the first dinosaur eggs and embryos in the Western Hemisphere, was technical advisor on all of the Jurassic Park and World films between 1993 and 2018, is known for his TED Talks and his many books for children and adults and is currently a Presidential Fellow teaching honors students at Chapman University in Orange, California.

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Photo Credit: Kelly Gorham, MSU

Audrey is well known across the museum world and attraction industry sectors as a trusted advisor and catalyst for bringing people, ideas, projects, and partnerships together. Having worked at The Natural History Museum, London, she is an experienced international museum specialist with a powerful reputation for working with all types of organizations in the creative industries to market, develop, design, and operate successful and authentic cultural exhibits, attractions, and destinations. Adept at creating business opportunities for museum products and services, Audrey effectively acts as a bridge between industry sectors and serves as a cultural intermediary for projectsworldwide.

As a world-renowned paleontologist, Jack Horner’s mission is to share his deep insights into the life and times of dinosaurs by creating authentically entertaining and educational experiences for dinosaur fans. He does this visionary work while continuing to unearth new dinosaur and scientific discoveries with his students, colleagues, friends, and partners. As a severe dyslexic, his passion for both dinosaurs and visual communication underpins everything he does in life.

Connecting and working with development partners who share our sense of discovery and adventure, particularly through the use of highly visual virtual and media experiences for both in-person and digital encounters of all kinds, is what drives us!

We also license our growing portfolio of art/science visual assets representative of Jack’s knowledge and in some cases paradigm-changing vision of what dinosaurs might have looked like – vastly different than how they are represented in most forms of media, including the Jurassic franchise. Science has definitely moved on since 1993!

Horner Science Group launches its second series of NFTs on OpenSea in June 2022. The Neoteny Collection represents an exciting piece of work from distinguished artist and paleo artist, Phil Wilson, and continues Horner Science Group’s key goal to raise funds for the Dinovision Paleontology Research and Education Foundation. In 2021, the Origin Collection was launched, a collaboration between Jack and celebrated paleo artist, Fabio Pastori, to achieve a series of ground-breaking visuals to challenge existing perceptions of dinosaurs in popular media. Find out more here.

Our mantra is to Never Stop Discovering! We aim to highlight that all science is connected, and collaborative and that art, science, and technology can work together creatively. We share current scientific findings in clear and exciting ways for both museums and attractions.


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