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Horner Science Group

Horner Science Group aims to inspire interest, understanding and passion for dinosaurs through its brand Jack Horner Dinosaurs.

Horner Science Group has a vision to inspire interest, understanding and passion for dinosaurs and palaeontology. We create products and services that provide insights into the world of dinosaurs, using Jack Horner’s expertise as a world-renowned palaeontologist.

Jack Horner discovered the first dinosaur eggs and embryos in the Western Hemisphere. He was also a technical advisor on the Jurassic Park movies.

Our goal is to never stop discovering. We aim to highlight that all science is connected and collaborative. We share cutting-edge scientific findings in clear and exciting ways. And we also provide opportunities for self-driven discovery that builds confidence.

Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs

Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs is the brand launched through Horner Science Group. We work with investors and partners to create interest and passion for dinosaurs and science in children around the world.

Licensing Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs will enhance the appeal and profile of your company, products, media and events. Consumers of all ages will be drawn in by the magic of dinosaurs and guided by Jack Horner.

The Jack Horner Dinosaur brand also encompasses the ‘Dino’ brands which include DinoVision, DinoDigger and DinoClub.

Develop products and experiences

You can also partner with Horner Science Group to develop products and experiences. We have extensive experience in the real of museums, science centers and family attractions.

Jack Horner’s projects include:

  • Siebel Dinosaur Complex, Museum of the Rockies
  • T.rex: Predator or Scavenger travelling exhibition
  • Dinosaur Growth and Behavior travelling exhibition
  • Restless Planet, Dubai
  • Maiasaura Exhibition, Tokyo
  • Seibu Dinosaur Park, Tokyo

He aims to create projects and exhibitions that bring science to life.

Horner Science Group can help you with concept and content consulting services for large and small projects. We can work on exhibitions, attractions and digital offerings.

We can create virtual and augmented reality projects. For example, our Microsoft holograms allow you to see how dinosaurs really looked.

Dinosaur exhibitions are becoming increasingly popular for permanent and travelling exhibitions. Utilise Jack Horner’s expertise to give endorsement to your scientific content and drive visitor numbers.

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