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    IdeAttack Inc. is a World Leader in the Tourism & Leisure Design Industry.

    International company IdeAttack, Inc. specialises in planning and design of large scale mixed-use developments, custom theme parks, cultural attractions, destination resorts, latest trend immersive entertainment environments, sports entertainment facilities, and eco-friendly residential complexes.

    Our experience originates in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, and our innovative visions have been experienced by global audiences on six continents.

    Building on more than a decade of successful partnerships around the globe, IdeAttack, brings unparalleled expertise to projects of any scale. Combining design, detailed development, and quality production, the company has helped create many of the worlds most spectacular tourism and leisure destinations.

    The uniqueness of our projects comes from our boundless interest in different cultures and their rich heritage which we respectively incorporate into our projects.

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