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Illuminarium Building


Illuminarium Experiences is a state-of-the-art immersive global entertainment company.

Illuminarium offers innovative immersive experiences without the need for wearable hardware.

Experience natural wonders to thoughtful cultural moments and beyond, in a sensory experience like no other.

With the help of our cutting-edge technology we are creating an immersive experience which will transport you to the world’s most extraordinary places.

Be among the very first to experience our inaugural spectacle as we bring Africa to the Atlanta BeltLine. We bring you face-to-face with the world’s most exotic animals in their natural habitat, from the sweeping plains of Masai Mara and the majestic landscapes of Kruger Park to the watering holes of Samburu.

The Next Generation in Immersive Entertainment

The Illuminarium is brought to life through a blend of 4K laser projection providing guests a connected and shared entertainment journey, audio beams creating a unique and precise sound experience for each individual, in-floor haptics producing realistic sensations for visitors, such as the ground-shaking with an elephant’s stomp or the low-end frequency of a lion’s roar, and even scent, adding authentic enhancement to the immersive experience.

Atlanta will be the stage for the worlds first Illuminarium. Las Vegas will open in January 2022 and Miami in the fall of 2022, with many other locations in development.

Everyone can experience cocktails in a unparalleled experience that surrounds you in ever-changing and magically immersive settings. From corporate events to celebrations, events of any size become epic in the world’s most immersive, customisable canvas.

Illuminarium Atlanta 550 Somerset Terrace NE Atlanta, GA 30306, United States
+1 (404) 341-1000

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Illuminarium Atlanta 550 Somerset Terrace NE Atlanta, GA 30306
+1 (404) 341-1000

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