Superior Immersive Reality

Immotion Group is a UK-based technology start-up focused on bringing superior immersive reality (virtual and augmented) experiences to consumers in Europe and the US. 

Its vision is to become the ‘go-to’ company for immersive ‘out-of-home’ experiences.

Immotion’s VR Experience Platforms allow users to experience movement along with high-quality sound and visual graphics to deliver a cutting-edge VR experience, far beyond what is currently available in the home.

Its commitment to quality is reflected by Immotion’s creative team, responsible for Paw Patrol and Bob the Builder, which is developing immersive content for the machines.

Immotion’s business model is focused on selling, hiring and franchising the latest VR technology to commercial centres to enable them to drive visitors and increase spend.  They also provide brands with the opportunity to engage with consumers.

We supply fully integrated solutions

We are storytellers and we have an 'experience first' philosophy, using the most appropriate technologies to deliver the best immersive experiences. Our Virtual Reality team have researched the best way to deliver a truly immersive experience. They concluded that our high-quality graphics and beautifully designed characters populated throughout engaging stories linked to the latest innovative motion platforms, was a prerequisite to a superb and memorable experience. Consequently, we have now secured a manufacturing relationship with some of the very best motion systems around to create an experience 'platform' that is truly amazing!

In November 2017 Immotion Group made a number of strategic acquisitions: Studio Liddell and C2K. The combined skills allow Immotion to design and deliver turn-key solutions for content-driven immersive experiences that engage and entertain. We create bespoke experiences based around existing or newly designed IPs: from concept through to delivery.

Studio Liddell

Studio Liddell, a part of Immotion Group, was founded in Manchester UK, in 1996 by Ian Liddell, Jon Liddell, and Andrew Jones. They have expanded from creating imagery for advertising to developing and producing entire children’s TV shows, technical animation, Apps, and Virtual & Augmented Reality. They have created a multi-platform orientated pipeline where we can take elements created for animation and stills and use them in immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality applications


With over 20 years in broadcast, advertising and digital content, C2K, a part of Immotion Group, connects aduiences with brands, showcases institutional core values and documents extraordinary events in the lives of every day people. They combine Emmy-winning storytelling skills with cutting-edge cinematic technology and animation techniques to produce award-winning content.


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