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    KMIT Solutions (A Wild Republic Company)

    KMIT Solutions (A Wild Republic Company) provides leading software solutions for cultural and amusement attractions worldwide.

    Based in Ohio, KMIT Solutions serve clients ranging from 80,000 in size, to over 3 million visitors, and process over $60 million in transactions annually. The company delivers solutions in various areas, including Ticketing, Education, eCommerce, Point of Sale and Guest Management. It also helps venues to streamline their sales processes and operations, increase sales, as well as improve communications.

    As an organisation, we try to understand your business processes and goals so we can help you move your operations to the next level.

    Our services include:

    • Onsite infrastructure analysis
    • Onsite configuration review
    • Remote & onsite training sessions
    • Design services for eCommerce self-service kiosks

    Cultural and amusement attractions

    KMIT Solutions’ integrated software solutions are designed for the needs of cultural and amusement attractions worldwide. Our market areas include, zoos and aquariums, museums, theme parks and water parks, and tour-based attractions. Leverage our solutions to increase your per cap sales and improve the guest experience for your members, school groups visitors and general guests.


    Museums Technology Theme Parks Water Parks Zoos and Aquariums

    Products and services

    Admission/Financial Equipment/Ticketing Computer Systems/Software Ticketing Systems