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    Kuki – Website Development for the Attractions Industry

    Introduction to Kuki Digital

    We are 100% digital. We live and breathe digital solutions and have done since the mid-1990’s and we like to think we’re now experts. But, we don’t just build solutions for today, we are forward thinking and constantly planning for tomorrow by helping clients understand where they need to be now and into the future.

    We’re problem solvers too. No problem is too challenging for our team. Our experience, expertise and drive will find the best solution to any problem. And we offer legendary support. Not a ticket based anonymous system, but rather a rapid, responsive and genuine support. We understand you have a business to run and we do our utmost to exceed expectations.

    Bespoke ticketing Solutions

    We’ve worked with some of the biggest ticketing systems and created fully bespoke solutions to ensure you get exactly what you want and your customers need. It may be for a trial pricing model or a timed or limited availability event, but whatever it is you need, our experience in developing within the ticketing platforms will ensure it looks great, works beautifully and runs seamlessly.

    Website Development

    We’ve built over 6,000 websites for well over 100 clients in all sorts of platforms and in all sorts of industries. So, whilst we specialise in WordPress CMS and Shopify eCommerce, we have serious experience in Magento eCommerce, MODX CMS, WooCommerce and ZEND PHP application development and are always happy to offer free advice on any platform you may be considering.

    SEO and Digital Marketing

    There are many myths about SEO and digital marketing and few truths. Our experience in the themed attraction sector allows us to cut through the routes that offer little value and focus your marketing on those that drive quality, relevant traffic. We also offer a completely free SEO Audit so you can understand where you are at now and the options for improvement.

    Managed Hosting

    You’ve probably never given a thought to where your site is hosted – few do, but you’ll find out soon enough when something goes wrong and you’re faced with negotiating your way to the right person within a nameless mega-corp. We’re different, you’ll get one of the team on the phone and we’ll sort it immediately. But we still have super fast servers and offer great value. We can even handle all of the transfers and complicated DNS Records Management.


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