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    LifeFormations is a diversely talented art and fabrication studio dedicated to creating world class figures, attractions, exhibits and sculpted elements.

    We seamlessly mix diverse materials and techniques to build exhibit, scenic and interactive elements that are truly unique in their appearance and functionality.

    With nearly 25 years of creating amazing things, we’re able to bring proven and relatable experience to bridge design ideas, project parameters and the need for a safe and reliable finished product.

    Our Toolkit:


    LifeFormations has two studio locations in Ohio: Cincinnati and Bowling Green.  Each studio has it’s own specialties, and work together to bring the best blend of experience and talent to every project.

    Cincinnati Studio, HEADQUARTERS, Founded: 2010

    26,000 feet2, 7,950 m2

    • Digital Sculpting
    • Design and Engineering
    • 3-D Printing
    • 7-axis milling
    • Dimensional sculpting
    • Plastics and tooling
    • Metal fabrication
    • Woodworking
    • Paint & finishing
    • Show tech

    7516 Camargo Road
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45243
    Bowling Green Studio

    FOUNDING STUDIO, Founded: 1991

    23,000 feet2, 7,000 m2

    • Dimensional sculpting
    • Plastics and tooling
    • Metal fabrication
    • Paint & finishing
    • Costuming and hair
    • Media editing
    • Show tech

    2029 Woodbridge Blvd.
    Bowling Green, Ohio 43402


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