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Leaders in special effects engineering working on the world’s most ambitious experiences. 

Luminous are the brightest minds in special effects engineering with over 20 years expertise working on some of the world’s most ambitious and exciting experiences.

We create emotional, energised connections, harnessing and manuipulating the power of elements like fire, water and air to perform in ways nature can’t.

Attractions and theme parks

Luminous has worked on some of the biggest SFX movie titles in the last two decades, giving the team all the tools at our disposal used by the top SFX teams around the world. From a single smoke machine to super-sized water effects, flames and explosions to smoke and hurricane force winds. We can provide the special effects to add the Hollywood touch to your attractions project.

Create a landmark

We create experiences that turns heads and draws a crowd. We add elemental magic to architectural projects large and small.

Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony by Luminous Showtech
The Rio Olympic Ceremony. Credit: ANTONIN THUILLIER/AFP/Getty Images

Live performances and theatre

Live performances demand reliable, and innovative equipment. Luminous specialising in creating custom-made equipment for the world’s biggest shows and entertainment.

Our variety of technologies can be used to create effects on stage, often bought in the early stages of show development to demonstrate and advise options that are technically deliverable. Products are then developed to work in the environment, often working to a specific access, size and weight.


We create jaw-dropping, head-spinning, awe inspiring moments live in front of millions of viewers. We have extensive experience in global ceremony special effects. Our engineering team can create that special moment, perfectly timed in a safe and secure manner.

Luminous Show Technology
Unit 14
Apple Lane
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1392 241225

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Luminous Show Technology Unit 14 Apple Lane Exeter EX2 5GL United Kingdom
+44 (0)1392 241225

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