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    Museums Association

    Established in 1889, Museums Association (MA) is the oldest museums association in the world.

    Museums Association represents more than 10,000 individual members, 1,500 museums and approximately 250 corporate members. Today we are still independently funded by our membership, which is made up of museum professionals, institutions and corporate members. As an association, we aim to guard the interests of museums and galleries.

    Our mission is to inspire museums to change lives. Our vision is to have inclusive, participatory and socially engaged museums at the heart of their communities.

    Leading by example

    We aim to develop and grow a vibrant and dynamic network of members. Similarly, we want to campaign and advocate for museums to change lives, as well as to inspire and develop the workforce to deliver our vision for the sector.

    We have the courage to say what we believe and we are passionate about delivering diversity and equality. Furthermore, the MA works collaboratively, inclusively and ethically, and we lead change by example.

    Useful resources

    Museums Association provides a plethora of resources for the industry. These include updated and relevant news about the museum and gallery sectors through their online magazine, Museum Practice as well as Museums Journal. In addition, there are also resources for professional development and workforce development.

    Conference, exhibition and events

    Apart from online resources, Museums Association also actively organises conferences, exhibitions and events for professionals in the industry. Our Annual Conference and Exhibition centers on themes that are relevant and impacts the museum community. Likewise, our events caters to our members, professionals, as well as individuals who aspire to further their career in the museum sector.



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