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Putting the visitor experience and storytelling at the heart of exhibitions

National Museums Liverpool (NML) is the largest National Museum Group outside London in the UK. We have been successfully touring internationally for over 10 years, putting memorable experiences for visitors at the heart of our exhibitions.

We develop multidisciplinary exhibitions covering Art, Science and History. Our dedicated, experienced team develops innovative stories using our large collection.

Please contact Andrew Bullock, Head of Touring Exhibitions, to discuss our current opportunities for exhibitions for hire, loans or partnerships.

Current Exhibitions for Hire

Bees: a story of survival

The latest exhibition, Bees: a story of survival, is the story of 120 million years of adaptation and survival of these incredible creatures and showcase their relationship to us and the natural world.

With over 20,000 species, bees are vital to pollination and therefore essential to the planet’s survival. The exhibition will explore their world from the tiny and fascinating anatomy of a single bee to the magic and wonder of bee colonies, the roles bees play in the natural world and the threats they face.

Bees: a story of survival is currently in development as an immersive experience, including digital interactives, from NML in a unique partnership with the award-winning artist and sculptor Wolfgang Buttress. Utilising World  Museum’s extensive entomology collections, scientific knowledge, combined with Wolfgang’s artistic vision, Bees will be a harmony of art and science to connect and inspire audiences.

Bees will feature cutting edge technology, with sound and light environments that will not only provide a real time connection to bees within their colonies, but also an ever-changing picture of their activity. The exhibition will be informed by the bees, using algorithms to replicate the honeycomb structures that bees create in their hives and nests.

The experience will also explore what impact a decline of the bee population would have on our natural world. Through this emotional and thought-provoking experience we are all reminded that the time for action is now.

Exhibition Stats:

  • Installation staff: 1 x NML Build Design-Supervisor (required for 3 weeks install/ 2 weeks de-install), 3 x Design Build and Technical Team (required for 2 weeks install/ 2 weeks de-install). Host venue to cover cost of flights, accommodation, per diem and visas for a team of four
  • Local Team Requirements: 6 x Floor + Frame Build Team (required for 2 weeks install/ 1 week de-install), 4 Fabric Fix Team (required for 1 week install/ 1 week de-install), 4 Av Install Team (Required For 2 week install/  1 week de-install)

Transport: One way, incoming, transport to be covered by the host venue:
3 x 40ft shipping containers

  • Duration: 5+ months
  • Dimensions: 700 – 1000 m2

Hire fee: Upon application, please contact Andrew Bullock, Head of Touring Exhibitions

Please see PDF pack below:

An English Lady’s Wardrobe

When Emily passed away in 1966, her family were shocked to find hundreds of items of clothing stored in the cellars of their family home, most unworn. For more than 30 years, Emily had collected an abundance of women’s clothing, amounting to well over 700 pieces. The stunning costumes make up the largest collection of one woman’s clothing in any museum in the UK.

The collection has become a piece of history, a snapshot of changing fashions in England from the Edwardian times until the Second World War.

The exhibition contains daywear, evening dresses, outdoor wear, underwear and accessories, including jewelry, shoes and handbags. In addition to Emily’s clothing, the exhibition features belongings of her children, including an Eton school uniform, as well as servants’ outfits, which are rare to find.

The items of clothing within the exhibition have been individually conserved and mounted, so that they are displayed to maximum effect.

Exhibition Stats:

  • Approximately 150 objects
  • Over 70 mannequins and other bespoke costume mounts
  • Digital audio guide
  • Interpretative text and exhibition graphics (in digital format, to be edited and translated by the host venue)
  • Marketing and press pack (in digital format)
  • Duration: 3-4 months
  • Dimensions: 500 – 600 m2
  • Curatorial team: Pauline Rushton, Senior Curator, Anne-Marie Hughes, Conservator

Hire fee: Upon application, please contact Andrew Bullock, Head of Touring Exhibitions

Please see PDF pack below:

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