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    Oceaneering Entertainment Systems

    Award-winning Oceaneering Entertainment Systems design and manufacture entertainment systems.

    Initially a company that designed and operated underwater robotic machines, Oceaneering Entertainment Systems was created over 25 years ago after repairing and designing robotic great white sharks for a theme park. Today, our can-do attitude, experience, engineering excellence, and innovative approach has been applied to some of the most sophisticated, complex, and challenging attractions.

    With more than 50 high-profile projects, multiple Thea awards, industry-patented designs, and millions of pounds of equipment installed globally, we continue to deliver. The biggest names in the industry trust us to interpret their ideas and deliver innovative systems.

    We thrive on helping storytellers deliver the next big thing in entertainment. We listen to storytellers and use their ideas and imagery to create ride experiences that embellish—but never overpower—the story.

    Our REVOLUTION, EVOLUTION, EVO-6, and Suspended Theater ride systems are the go-to solutions for customers looking for dynamic, industry-leading guest experiences. Using the latest technology, we shift paradigms with every new project.

    With a team of experienced project managers, designers, engineers, and programmers we can interpret the vision of the industry’s most talented creative designers. Our engineering expertise supports the collaborative development of compelling shows and powerful experiences.

    Oceaneering core technologies are designed to function in the world’s harshest environments and our products for the theme park industry are no exception.


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