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Entrance at the Jimmy Kimmel experience from OpenEye Global

OpenEye Global

OpenEye Global is an experience design agency focusing on delivering meaningful interactive engagements in physical environments.

OpenEye Global is an experience design agency focusing on delivering meaningful interactive engagements in physical environments.

OpenEye Global drives digital strategy in built environments, with specialties including brand experience and interactive deployment, digital activation, innovation, and analytics.

In essence, we live to integrate the art & technology of smart strategy, beautifully designed creative and emerging platforms to help companies evolve in the era of experience.

With our humble roots beginning in New York City’s shadows, what started as a simple idea of bridging the gap between technology and design for organizations has steadily grown into creating integrated brand experiences for some of the most influential global brands and environments.

It is a responsibility we don’t take lightly and must shine at. When we place ourselves in our customers’ shoes, we understand that creativity must be coupled with empathy, and progress only comes from a well-defined process.

We understand that experiences can’t just be thought about or theorized; they need to be executed on time, on budget, and above expectations.

We are mindful of our approach to crafting experiences that combine thoughtful design with functional interaction.

Design Thinking: Design thinking helps to provide a solution to solving complex problems in a user-centric way. It helps us figure out how to craft experiences that achieve meaningful results for our clients.

Interactive Storytelling: Successful interactive engagements should keep your audience actively involved in the story you’re telling, enabling them to choose how much information they want in a concise manner.

Integrated Experiences: Digital experiences help to amplify the way in which we interact in a physical environment. From the placement of a device to the actions which augment the user’s physical experience all are critical to design for.

Visual Engagement: Technology is an enabler, not a strategy. Meaningful moments, concise engagements, and a clear unwavering result can be achieved without visually overwhelming the user with technology.

Meaningful Content: Authenticity is a significant component of grabbing the attention of customers and creating advocates. The message that is conveyed or the actions asked of the user are all dependent on the visual design.

For us, the experience is the brand. Leveraging the power of storytelling, design and technology, we deliver moments that matter for innovative brands and inspired organizations.

8 Carty Avenue
Oceanport, NJ 07757
+1 (732) 407 5018



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Oceanport, NJ 07757, United States

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