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    Revl – Make your attraction truly unforgettable.

    Revl is an AI-powered video experience company. The Revl X automatic video system makes providing customer videos and photos easy, by automating the entire process using software, artificial intelligence, and hardware.

    Revl’s smart video system records, edits and delivers your guest’s videos quickly. It is a turnkey solution to revolutionize your media sales with your guests.

    Revl customers see a significant increase in media sales, whether they move from the traditional photo model or no system at all. We can turbocharge your profit margins.

    By increasing the number of videos your guests share of your business, you generate more business on a service that you also made money from. The ultimate win-win situation.

    How it works

    Guests will use the Revl Onboarding app to register and are assigned their Revl media to link their video. Next, the customer will board the ride. The associate will use the camera to scan the wristband and place it into the mount. The system supports wireless RFID or QR codes.

    Guests enjoy the ride whether it’s a drive, jump, or zip. Upon finishing the ride the associate will remove the camera from the mount and place into the docking station as the guest disembarks.

    Once the camera is in the loading dock the footage is transferred, edited, and uploaded to the guest profile. As guests leave the ride, they walk over to the kiosk where they can preview a teaser of their experience and purchase the video.

    The video is delivered to the guest via Email or the Revl App where they share it on Facebook or Instagram for all of their friends to see which generates more visitors for your attraction.

    Revl rollercoaster videos

    Pictures are worth a thousand words and videos are worth a million. Each guest is issued their own Revl camera which captures their personal experience up close.

    Our software automatically finds the most exciting moments of the ride to include in the final video.

    Guests receive their media through web delivery or the Revl app, allowing your team to focus on the rest of their experience in the park. The Revl App allows them to make edits and change the music.

    Revl delivers media in a customizable branded email template and iOS app. The built-in share buttons allow your guests to share on social media in just a click. Branded videos with automatically applied hashtags maximize your brand exposure to new customers.

    User-generated content creates 88% more social media activity than content from companies. Consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view user-generated content as authentic.

    Revl is dedicated to improving its products and adding new features, sent to you through the cloud.



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