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Playfully build brand awareness and create a deep connection with your audience by bringing your brand to life.

Sensape’s mission is to enhance our clients’ brand experiences to another level by using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Public institutions are vibrant, thought-provoking places, that make us more aware of our present and future. Sensape’s technology helps cultural institutions to redesign the experience and make it more immersive.

We develop intelligent machines that enrich everyday life and specialize in digital communication in the physical world. We deliver unique solutions that push the limits of what is possible whether you are a global player or a small business owner. As well as AI-powered storefronts, we develop interactive screens, automatic mask recognition and virtual queue solutions, as well as AR games, virtual try-on systems, interactive customer promoters or the ultimate photo with your favourite character.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) software recognises parameters such as age, gender, size, and emotion. We can approach every customer in an intelligent way, matching the recognised personality.

When it comes to our hardware, you can choose from our Photobox, Screen, Promoter and a Digital Sampler products. We are happy to help you choose the best hardware for your project! If you already have your own hardware, our AI can also be fully integrated.

The benefits of using AR and AI for your communication are that you…

…create immersive and unique experiences.

…digitize processes.

…create ice breakers through automated interaction and greeting.

…create interest and automatic association of digitalisation/future mobility with your company.

…get user-generated content and increase your reach on social media.

…make everything interactive.

…create memories.

…manage customer flows intelligently.

…develop customers to fans.

…create identification with the product and the brand.

Interactive Fan Engagement

Virtual fan photo with the FC Bayern Munich stars by AR and persona recognition (Photo: Sensape)

Phantastic Allstars is an interactive augmented reality experience module that allows users to take photos with their favourite celebrities or even historical figures as well as mascots. Check out our latest project for FC Bayern Munich.

The full-service solution grows your audience by creating a unique viral experience, more user-generated content, more subscriptions and increased brand awareness.

Interactive Promotion

Sampling campaign with an AR game for Rivella in Swiss ski resorts. (Photo: Black Frame Studios)

Interactive Promotion projects increase your reach and attention at the POS as well as on social networks. Let your customers experience your brand in a unique AR experience with Sensape’s personalized face elements, animations, and branded AR-worlds in 3D! Learn more about our latest project with an interactive AR game combined with a vending machine at swiss ski resorts for Rivella.

Interactive Sales

Personal product recommendation based on persona recognition at the POS for Pernod Ricard (Photo: Sensape)

Our Interactive Sales solutions digitize and generate multidimensional sales processes with the help of AI and AR. Using interactive communication of information and content, the consulting process is innovatively designed. Personalized product recommendations increase customer confidence and sales of the products or services. The intelligent applications also support social distancing and hygiene efforts. See how we increased sales at the POS for Pernod Ricard with five interactive AR-worlds with smart product recommendations.

Interactive Guidance and Queuing

Intelligent mask recognition and capacity management at the central library in Leipzig (Photo: Sensape)

Our digital solutions for Guidance and Queuing increase security and improve operations in your business or at your event. Our system targets and manages customer flows by digital queues or taking their orders. See how a city library made visits safer and more efficient or how a bike store managed their customer flows by a virtual queue!

Sensape GmbH
Spinnereistraße 7
04179 Leipzig
+49 341 - 392 98 552

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Spinnereistraße 7, 04179 Leipzig, Germany
+49 341 - 392 98 552

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