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Occupancy Monitoring Museum SenSource

SenSource, Inc.

SenSource is a leader in occupancy counting technology and people counting software for the visitor attractions industry.

People Counting Hardware, Occupancy Monitoring and Reporting Software

SenSource has provided people counting technologies to the amusement industry since 2002. Our highly accurate, video-based people counting sensors are used to analyze traffic patterns, control occupancy, measure expected ride wait time, and ultimately provide the data necessary for making informed business decisions. Our team of in-house software engineers develop and maintain Vea Analytics Software to store, analyze and report key metrics.

SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring Solution

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, museums, FEC’s, waterparks, theme parks and others across the entertainment industry are faced with new protocols of limiting capacity within their facilities to encourage social distancing measures. To solve this new problem, SenSource updated it’s people counting technology to offer a real-time occupancy monitoring solution, SafeSpace.

SenSource’s SafeSpace solution allows attractions to monitor the occupancy in real-time of their parks, individual queue lines or areas. The occupancy counter can monitor and report on customers entering and exiting your facility with an easy to use, web-based occupant counter. Data can be collected manually with a handheld counter, automatically with people counting sensors, or a hybrid of both.

SenSource People Counting Technology

SenSource’s VIDX Series people counting sensors utilize 3D stereo video technology and AI to track and count people with 97% or greater accuracy, guaranteed.

SenSource’s intelligent people counter technology advanced features include:

  • Group count
    Distinguishes groups as a single unit as opposed to individuals. Ideal for group-shopping metrics or counting a family unit. 
  • U-turns are omitted from the data set
    This feature ensures accurate counts by only counting a person once they pass a set threshold line and omitting if they u-turn and leave.
  • Maintains detection on lingering guests and irregular browsing
    Another feature to ensure accuracy, the sensor will only count a person once even if they linger or cross back and forth under the sensor.
  • Queue management and service metrics
    The sensor can also be used to count how many people are in a queue and their average wait time. 

Virtual Turnstiles

While a ticketing system is commonly used to analyze peak visitor traffic, this only paints half the picture of visitor activity. Pairing your ticketing data with a people counting sensor at the exit will collect data on entering and exiting visitors, enabling park occupancy statistics. Then strategic decisions can be made such as scheduling attractions when occupancy is high and maintenance when occupancy is low.

Interior Analytics

In addition to counting visitors at the entrance, SenSource people counters can be used within your facility or park to collect data on visitor engagement with individual attractions, such as how many people enter an exhibit or theater.

Expected Ride Wait Time

Vea Analytics is equipped with advanced algorithms to determine expected ride wait time by placing a people counting sensor at the beginning and end of a ride queue. The expected ride wait time can then be displayed on a monitor at the entrance to inform guests.

Vea Analytics Software

SenSource’s Vea Analytics Software takes the data collected by the people counters and analyzes it, pointing out invaluable insights and opportunities for continued business success. Understanding the traffic patterns in your facility opens up a number of additional factors you can begin to analyze. From staffing levels and marketing promotions, to hours of operation and conversion rates, Vea Retail Analytics software can offer new insights into your business. The valuable data provided by people counting software is ideal for a number of industries and sites, including: visitor attractions, theme parks, museums, family entertainment centers, retail, casinos, fast-casual dining, & public spaces.

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  • Reopening Safely: Family Entertainment Centers

    Reopening Safely: Family Entertainment Centers

    Learn how SenSource’s SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring solution is helping family entertainment centers reopen safely post-pandemic.
  • SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring powered by SenSource

    SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring powered by SenSource

    Learn how SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring works with our people counting sensors and mobile app! Utilized across the visitors attractions industry to count occupancy in real-time and display occupancy status on a monitor for visitors to see. SafeSpace – live. accurate. safe.


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