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man standing in front of Showtime Pictures photography kiosks

Showtime Pictures

Showtime Pictures uses LED video walls, AI and facial recognition technology to enhance attraction photography and increase efficiency.

Showtime Pictures started in 1991 and operates in over 200 locations around the world, with over 70 millions images taken and over 200 million happy customers.

Our technology is designed to enhance the guest experience.

Innovative Technology

Showtime Pictures is the only system in the world that uses a live video feed to capture pictures. Rather than using a green screen, our LED video walls help to immerse guests into the video. This allows us to capture emotional pictures for the guests.

Our AI powered background removal program automates the process to alter how photo concessions operate.

With our facial recognition software, the system can find a guest’s photo quickly and easily.

With the Showtime Pictures app, App Figpix, guests can capture images with their phones next to augmented images or videos.

Our photo kiosks have facial recognition, they are fully integrated, self serviced and self printing.

Guests do not need an app to interact with their photos. They are able to buy, print and download their photos on their own mobiles using a web-app.

Our Products

Showtime Pictures has a collaboration with world renowned artist Romero Britto to create exlcusive products. This has gievn us a new merchandising dimension.

Thanks to our AI powered cloudbase Smart Location program, we can create different media types from one capture. For example, we can create live and 3D video products that can be shared easily on social media.

Our HD cameras can create a selfie that encompasses the entire attraction in one gif or video.

Showtime Pictures has also created a successful and popular slider product that allows guests to slide between two images. It is so popular that we are building a new website dedicated to different sliders.


Thanks to our technology, we have reduced our paper wastage by 98%. We print our photos to order and so we no longer have wasted printed photos/

Showtime Pictures now uses paper packaging materials, rather than plastic. And we use recycled paper for our printed material whenever it is available.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we buy local and regional products whenever we can. Using local print shops to produce our materials helps the local community as well as reducing long distance freight.

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