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Founded by Joe Pine & Jim Gilmore, Strategic Horizons offers the tools, experiences & education to explore & master today’s economic marketplace. It is dedicated to helping companies conceive & design new ways of adding value to their economic offerings through innovative strategies that focus on customer experience.

Strategic Horizons LLP is a thinking studio founded by Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore in 1996.

It is dedicated to helping companies conceive and design new ways of adding value to their economic offerings through innovative strategies that primarily focus on customer experience. Internationally renowned, Pine & Gilmore originally pioneered the idea of the Experience Economy in the late 1990’s.

They are business thought leaders and act as provocateurs, planting the seeds of change and challenging traditional business assumptions. Through their deep personal experience pointing out emerging market phenomena and introducing new questions and frameworks that drive companies to view themselves, from a fresh perspective, they prepare clients for the future and how to thrive.

Subsequent decades of study, writing, and exploring these ideas live with clients around the world have given them unparalleled levels of insight into the nature of staging experiences and the evolution of how companies provide value.


Strategic Horizons LLP offers a variety of services, including keynote speeches and workshops, multi-day Learning Excursions and Learning Encounters, the annual thinkAbout4U event, as well as public and private Experience Economy Expert Certification courses.

With these offerings, Pine & Gilmore educate you with the lessons they’ve learned in their own experiences. They share models and tools to help clients explore how to generate economic value in ways that are aligned with a strong customer-centric strategy. With each experience, you will learn how to better engage your customers, build revenue, and grow your business. These aren’t standard business offerings. These are interactive, exciting, collaborative learning experiences that leave you ahead of where you were when you walked in and ahead of the competition.

The Experience Economy Expert Certification will take place from August 307 2020 in Minneapolis, MN. It is the world’s only course in the tools, techniques and ideation methods of the Experience Economy. This course provides the knowledge and resources necessary for creating and enhancing compelling experiences. Apply for this fantastic opportunity here.


Strategic Horizons clients appreciate not just what we know, but how we think. We bring over two decades of rich professional and life experiences to our work. Each of the excursions, encounters, and experiences with Strategic Horizons leave you learning new information and moving forward faster than you thought possible.

With very specific expertise and unique points of view that can be directly applied to helping clients attain the future they desire, we encourage you to think outside the box and expand your horizons. Ultimately, clients hire us because they think differently when they are with us – and continue to do so long afterward. With Strategic Horizons and Pine and Gilmore, learning the new ways to grow your business and flourish in the future is one experience away.

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105 Woodland Trace Aurora OH 44202 U.S.A

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