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Technifex is a global leader in technical design, engineering and fabrication of special effects to the themed entertainment industry and beyond. Effects include steam, real and simulated fire, water, atmospheric, mechanical, visual illusions, fiber optic lighting, iconic permanent features, and training simulators.

Technifex is a global leader in technical design, engineering and fabrication of special effects for theme parks, attractions, immersive experiences, museums, resorts/hotels, iconic exhibits, training simulators, live shows and events.


Technifex engineers and craftsmen have expertise in the design and production of turnkey attractions, live and simulated fire and flame features, water effects, show action equipment, mechanical simulation systems, visual illusions, control interfaces, and are the world’s specialists on steam.

Our group of experienced designers, engineers and managers, under the leadership of Monty Lunde work together to make the magic happen at two facilities totaling 42,000 sf.

Technifex has been a key project team member on 26 attractions that have received THEA awards (Themed Entertainment Association), numerous IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Best in Show awards, and an Emmy Award recognition. Technifex has created 24 episodes for Discovery Channel, filmed at our Valencia facility, for Shark Week, the More Than Human series and several other special episodes.

Technifex’s sister company, Technifex Products LLC holds numerous patents for simulated fire, water screen technologies, and specialty projection systems. All products are developed, engineered and fabricated at Technifex’s facilities in California.

25261 Rye Canyon Road, Valencia, California, 91355-1203



  • Mechanical Effects

    Mechanical Effects

    Technifex is known for producing well-engineered mechanical special effects and show action equipment. From the smallest animated prop to a two-story moving platform, the engineers and fabricators maintain total quality control during the engineering and production process.

    • Animated Displays
    • Show Action Equipment
    • Motion Bases
    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

  • Fire Features and Effects

    Fire Features and Effects

    Technifex creates dramatic Fire Special Effects and Features. The design and technical expertise of Technifex  preserves the spontaneity of these volatile elements while ensuring safety and reliability.

    • Fire Blast
    • Fire Balls
    • Fire on Water
    • Fire Cauldrons
    • Brain Fire (Fire on Ceiling)
    • Simulated Fire (FauxFire®)

  • Water Effects

    Water Effects

    Whether it's a stream or lake, a fountain or pool, people have a natural affinity for water. At Technifex, we understand how to build on that deep-seated appeal by producing fountains and water features that attract customers into your facility and keep them returning again and again.

  • Lighting Effects

    Lighting Effects

    Technifex can create a wide range of Specialty Lighting Effects. Projection and lighting are two of the most versatile media available to Technifex designers. Video, film and large-format slides can be used to project scenery; abstract or supernatural images on a variety of surfaces, outdoors or inside a controlled environment. Black light, lasers, fiber optics, neon, arc lighting, liquid crystal display technologies set a mood, attract attention or animate a static prop or set.


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25261 Rye Canyon Road, CA, United States

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