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Telelogos Media4Display sign in retail store


Telelogos is a software publisher that creates digital signage for retail and leisure attractions around the world.

Telelogos is a European company that invents software, in the fiels of Digital Signage (dynamic displays and data synchronisation) and Mobility (mobile device management).

Telelogos is headquarted in France and has a business unit in North America. It operates in over 50 countries with over 2,000 clients.

Media4Display by Telelogos

Telelogos’ Media4Display is a dynamic display software that allows attractions to communicate with their visitors in real time.

Using a web browser, the attraction can create, manage and distribute multimedia content on an entire network of screens.

The solution is equipped with a powerful back office and it allows for complete management and security of screens, terminals, players and tablets.

Media4Display is available in both license mode (on premise) or in the Cloud (Saas).

You can even plan and organise your content in sequences. Telelogos’s API also allows you to automaticaly trigger certain content to be broadcast based on a certain event. You can also display information extracted automatically from your databases or business applications to provide real-time information.

Media4Display is an independent device that is compatible with Windows, Android and Tizen operating systems. A reliable, robust software meets major international security standards.

Telelogos has a network of integrator partners and its own support team and solution experts. This allows it to support you in setting up and monitoring your project in the best way possible.

Point-of-Sale Digital Signage

Telelogos understands that digital signage is an indispensable communication tool for retailers. Their solutions offer you real-time communication and the ability to change messages at any time.

The Media4Display solution can interact with your current IT system or external events.

Digital Signage allows retail companies to improve the customer experience. You can promote your products and services in the shop window or on shelves at the end of aisles.

Increase sales by broadcasting attractive content on a digital screen, and update your prices and promotional offers in real time, according to your stock.

Media4Display for Restaurants

Digitalising signs in restaurants provides more accessible information for your guests and enables you to highlight certain products. Media4Display allows you to manage the content of your menu boards easily.

You can even connect Media4Display to your cash register system for automatically updated information. You can even manage your highlighted products based on the time of day or the weather.

Media4Display allows you to manage your menu boards, touch screen tablets, interactive terminals, screens and more.

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