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Tessitura Network

Tessitura Network powers the success of arts and cultural organizations around the globe.

Tessitura Network is a nonprofit technology company dedicated to helping arts and cultural organizations thrive.

CRM lies at the heart of Tessitura’s work. With a fierce belief in the value of strong customer relationships, Tessitura’s experts provide insights and advice to guide organizations as they cultivate lifelong engagement. The company’s technology and services, combined with the power of a thriving online and IRL community of Tessitura users around the world.

Tessitura’s powerful, flexible CRM system brings together key departments including ticketing, fundraising, membership, marketing, education, and front of house. Intuitive analytics tools make it easy to discover business insights, draw connections, and turn data into concrete customer-facing action. Tessitura empowers organizations to achieve their goals with efficiency and ease. And features like timed admission, contactless scanning, and seamless digital solutions mean that cultural organizations are poised to rebuild a successful, sustainable future.

Tessitura works with over 725 leading arts organisations and cultural attractions in ten countries. The professionals at those organizations form a flourishing community that meets both virtually and in person to share stories, exchange ideas, and inspire one another, all with the shared goal of shaping the ongoing success of the arts and culture industry.

We’re here to help you succeed

Our mission is your mission. As a not-for-profit, we answer directly to our not-for-profit member base. We focus on supporting arts and cultural organizations of all sizes to achieve organizational success, whether they use Tessitura out of the box or as a platform for innovation.

The result? Deeper audience engagement, increased revenue, and more time to devote to enhancing the business of arts and culture.

For more information, please contact

Tessitura Network, Inc.
11700 Preston Road, Ste 660
PMB 214
Dallas, Texas 75230
United States

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Tessitura Network, Inc. 11700 Preston Road, Ste 660 PMB 214 Dallas, Texas 75230 United States
Tessitura Network Ltd Hill House, Suite 163 210 Upper Richmond Road London SW15 6NP United Kingdom

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