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The Park Playground VR

The Park Playground

In the business of making one-of-a-kind memories.

The Park Playground is a unique collection of virtual adventures to play with your friends, family or colleagues. Games include missions to New Zealand, hunting for zombies in The Hallow or exploring pyramids in Egypt.

By exploring 200 m2 of free-roam virtual reality and complete a challenging mission. Your equipment includes a lightweight backpack, VR goggles and a futuristic weapon.

The Park was launched in 2018 and has rapidly expanded to 8 cities with more venues in development in prime locations. Our franchise formula is ready to roll out and bring the future of entertainment to the wider public.

Be the first to bring this new unique out-of-home entertainment experience to your market.

5 reasons to franchise the Park Playground

  • People are craving unique, out-of-home immersive, social entertainment
  • proven, scalable, and sustainable business model
  • Low employee costs with our data-driven management system
  • Best-in-class business intelligence tools
  • Low entry investment, fast payback

We help you succeed!

  • A complete turn-key social, immersive & interactive entertainment solution.
  • We will transform your location making sure you’re ready to blow your customers’ minds
  • We will train your staff to be operationally efficient
  • You get all the tools to be successful through data driven decision making
  • Leverage our experience & count on technical, operational & marketing support

The Park Entertainment
Vlaamse Kaai 30
2000 Antwerpen
+32 03 808 24 89

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The Park Entertainment Vlaamse Kaai 30 2000 Antwerpen Belgium

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