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WiegandSlide is a family-owned manufacturer of toboggan runs, rail-mounted toboggans and stainless steel dry slides.

WiegandSlide is a family-owned manufacturer of toboggan runs, rail-mounted toboggans and stainless steel dry slides.

In 1975, the first WiegandSlide summer toboggan run was opened, thus laying the foundation for our company to develop into a world market and technology leader in the summer toboggan run sector.

A spirit of innovation, flexibility and extensive expertise are the basis for our products meeting all the challenges of traditional and new markets worldwide.

Our customers receive top quality, flexible solutions and the best possible advice and support – all from a single source – from the first idea through to the finished project.

About our products

WiegandSlide’s product portfolio includes rides and slides for indoor and outdoor use.

In addition to our bestseller, our rail-mounted all-year-round run “Alpine Coaster”, the classic summer toboggan run in flume form, the electrically driven CoasterKart and our attractions “Mystical Hex” and “Wie-Flyer”, the dry and water slides from our company in almost every possible colour and design enhance the leisure facilities in ski resorts, leisure parks, playgrounds, adventure pools and at other tourist attractions.

For ski jump operators and other interested parties who want to climb gradients up to a maximum of 70 %, we offer with the Pendulum-Wie-Li a wind-independent transport solution that takes ski jumpers, personnel, bikers, snowboarders and other visitors up and down in the six-seater carriage.

Even hydropower plant operators use our services: our elastic spring weir has been adding to our product range since 2007.

In the sector children’s and dry slides made of stainless steel, we supply everything you need to have fun, from standard playground slides to designer slides to large event slides and slide paradises – buried, elevated or as tower slides, with individual bends or straight. Safety is not neglected either: escape slides and evacuation chutes are also part of the product range. Two factors are of paramount importance for all slides: comfort and safety.

WiegandSlide Quality ‘Made in Germany’

WiegandSlide’s products meet the standards of EN 1090 (European standard for the execution of steel structures). The all-weather toboggan run “Alpine Coaster” and the classic summer toboggan run in flume form are built in stainless steel in accordance with ISO 19202-1-2 resp. DIN ISO 19202-1-2 (replace DIN 33960).

Mystical hex, Wie-Flyer and CoasterKart fully comply with the requirements of DIN EN 13814 for “Flying Constructions”. Our dry slides in almost all conceivable shapes, including our escape chutes, comply with DIN EN 1176 and are also made of stainless steel.

In addition to the complete supervision of your project by an experienced project manager, our in-house production control in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834 as well as the use of exclusively certified welders in accordance with ISO 9606 are the essential basis for the outstanding quality of our products.

The guarantee for acceptance by the German TÜV is a matter of course for us.

Josef Wiegand GmbH & Co. KG
Landstrasse 12 - 14
36169 Rasdorf / GERMANY

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